Whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporation or a regular person, having a large Twitter audience is always important. This is because the way Twitter is designed is such that the user experience is only at its best when there’s enough engagement. This is why people invest heavily in social growth for Twitter for their companies, and even buy Twitter followers to contribute to this growth. In this article, we will be discussing how to hack Twitter as a social platform by using  websites that give active Twitter followers packages to get more followers.

Here are some of the best sites whose services you can use to boost your Twitter audience.

Social BossSocialsUpSocialsGrow
Package optionsfrom 10 to 20’000 followers packagesfrom 50 to 20’000 followers packagesfrom 100 to 5’000 followers packages
Service Guarantee30 days service guarantee30 days service guarantee14 days service guarantee

Test packages availability
Test packages of 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 80, 400 followers availableTest packages of 50, 250, 300 followers availableTest packages not available
Payment with cryptocurrency ++
Premium services availability ++

1. Social Boss

SocialBoss is the first Twitter social development and growth company that will be explored in this article. This company has an active users package for all media platforms. Socialboss affords you the unique opportunity to buy Twitter followers at a very affordable rate. Its affordability is one of the features that separate Socialboss from other Twitter handle generation and growth companies. In addition, with SocialBoss, in the event of dissatisfaction with their services, they have a money-back policy and will refund your money.

Another advantage of going with SocialBoss is that their website is human-friendly and easy to navigate. You won’t experience problems in finding your way around their services, even as a first timer on any development growth company. With SocialBoss, you can make orders conveniently while your discretion and privacy remain assured. There is also the liberty to choose options that best serve you and your company. You can select  any platform you would like to grow — since we’re focusing on Twitter here, you can simply select  — then pick the number of active followers you would like to have. The lowest price for Twitter followers packages is $6 and it can go as high as $30 for 1,000 followers.

One of the minor downsides to SocialBoss is that there are no free trial opportunities. This makes it difficult to tell whether their services are efficient or not. There are also complaints about their money-back guarantee. Many users have claimed that it is a myth and they do not return the amount paid. Another thing is the fact that they do not offer an everyday-based service, and they are only available from Monday to Friday. Unlike some others, they do not offer 24/7 services and responses.

2. SocialsUp

Socialup gives you a little beyond followers, as they make it possible for you to also increase your engagement on each tweet, therefore bringing some genuine traffic to your page and tweets. They also have a variety of Twitter follower count packages as you can get up to 20,000 followers by paying for one of their Twitter followers growth packages.

In terms of the quality of their services, many customers of SocialsUp attest to their quality. You can buy Twitter followers without having your Twitter account suspended and these followers do not reduce drastically either. Depending on the amount of Twitter presence you seek, and your targeted audience, SocialsUp usually takes between 2-30 days to deliver its services.

One of the most outstanding things about Socialup is its innovative and flexible payment structure, which goes as flexible as allowing you to pay for their services with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

3. SocialsGrow

SocialsGrow promises a quick and steady increase in the Twitter audience of your Twitter account. A visit to their official website will prove to any potential clients who want to purchase Twitter clients the promised increase in Twitter traffic, as well as Twitter engagement is authentic. To affirm the quality of their services to their prospective customers, they have a non-drop and money-back guarantee.

However, popular website scrutinizers have advised against the safety of this media growth company and its services. This is because they are relatively new, being barely a year old. The media growth company is also based in regions that are deemed high-risk for internet interactions and transactions. Another factor that questions their credibility is the fact that they do not use the universally accepted HTTP secure site protocol. There are also no provisions for frequently asked questions on their websites and there are scanty details about the company and very few testimonials.

Overall, their pricing structure is visible and they are a very good way to get cheap Twitter followers. They also have their contact mail on their website, which to an extent, signals credibility.

4. Viralyft 

This is one of the most popular growth companies in the world; like most social and media growth companies, they are versatile in the services they offer. However, in terms of expertise with Twitter, viralyft has no competition in helping their clients multiply their high-quality followers.

The data you provide at the service is 100% secured, as they do not sell your data or reveal it to a third party in any form. This eliminates the fear of hacking, scams, and other cyber-bullying tactics. One feature that viralyft has over the other media growth companies is that they are very serious about their non-drop guarantee. This is such that in the instance where some of the followers they generated for your Twitter account fall off, they will replace them with free substitutes.

One downside of viralyft is the fact that their website is not easy to use and it does not work on mobile phones. They also seem to have exaggerated a few things on their website. For example, they claim to have over 50 years of experience in marketing when media has not even been around for that long. So, while they may have experience in marketing as a concept, they definitely do not have experience in nowadays’ marketing for that long. This makes it difficult for a potential client to buy into their services for fear of failure to deliver exaggerated promises.

5. Fastlikes.io

Do not be deceived by their brand name, fastlikes is not just limited to helping you generate quick likes on Twitter or Instagram. Their services extend into helping you gain more followers, views, and different kinds of engagements. Part of what they strongly claim is that they will be providing their clients with real followers that have actual Twitter usernames and not just bots or fake followers.

Unlike other social  development growth companies, Fastlikes operates under a secure HTTP website such that the information and the data you provide during your interaction with them is safe. Another unique thing about Fastlikes is how responsive they are. They are one media and development growth company that can be said to have successfully hacked customer services and relations. On their website, they make provisions for a chatbot that can provide quick answers to your inquiries and they also have a contact form for reaching them directly.

One of the cons of using Fastlikes however, is that their payment structure is not exactly a hundred percent reliable even though their website appears to be. They use PayPal as their payment option, which is restrictive and not exactly a safe option for potential clients in some parts of the world.

6. FollowerPackages

Immediately you open the website, you can easily see a track record of the history of the usual growth company and how it has been able to help its clients. They also showed some innovation in proving their expertise by stating how everyone in the world can be boxed into an industry; either you are an entrepreneur or an artist. Taking a look at these will easily convince a potential client that they are in safe hands- on a platform that knows just the right thing to do.

The service also makes provision for a beginner’s guide on their website, attempting to answer the most important questions for those who want to get started. By clicking “Buy Now” on the website, you will have access to their surprisingly cheap price range and you can get subscribers for as little as $15.

When compared to other popular growth companies, FollowersPackages is not as popular on a level, and this may draw certain doubts on the credibility of their services. Another fault in their stars is the lack of quality customer service.

7. Famups

Its pricing range is almost too good to believe. With Famups, you can buy Twitter followers for $13, which will be delivered to you between 1-10 days. Famups appears so structured, with different options to its users. It allows you to select the different packages you want and that includes the location you would like your followers to come from. This is a feature that is absent in other social media growth companies. It is so easy and convenient to use Famups that you don’t have to follow other people before buying real Twitter followers. They are also one of the cheapest development growth companies around with the least of their services/packages going for as little as $7.

However, it is difficult to overlook the bad reviews that Famups has. Past customers on third-party sites do not have great things to say about the site. Some even claimed that they refused to deliver the package purchased by some users.

8. Boostlikes

It has a very robust and impressive clientele that is nicely displayed on their website. They claim to have been championing the media growth industry for the past 10 years with services that cut across Twitter and other platforms.

Here’s how boostlikes works; all you have to do is to select the number of followers you want, make payment, and boostlikes will have it delivered to your Twitter account, all things being equal. Although, it is important to mention that one of the flaws of Boostlikes is that their main focus or the social platform they are most skilled at is Facebook, not Twitter hence they might not be able to deliver high-quality services like the others.

 9. Popularup

The website is one of the few new media growth companies that has an application that can be operated on a mobile phone. This makes it easy to access their services wherever and whenever. Their services are divided between the lines of regular services and “premium.” The downside of this is that it reduces the quality of their original or ordinary paid services as they give their best under the premium services. Also, by their brand logo and image, it is clear that Popularup’s expertise is Instagram and not Twitter. This reduces the confidence in their services clients can buy Twitter followers.

10. Tweetangels

In terms of all-round authenticity, no media growth company comes close to Tweetangel. This company positions itself as a one that gives you followers, but also a social and specific marketing agency that helps you develop a proper Twitter profile and provide Twitter growth services. They have a physical office located in Chicago which undoubtedly boosts their credibility — a factor that other social marketing agencies clearly lack.

In addition to the above, they also have a streamlined, data-driven package that helps you get followers from a particular location and industry.

11. CrowdFire

This logical growth company can assist you with general specific management, in addition to helping you get followers. They make things as simple as possible so that you may get started with them, regardless of your level of know-how. Another way they can assist you with your Twitter profile is by finding relevant content for you to put on your feed, which will increase the likelihood of your followers sticking around. Clearly, that is a very innovative move, which speaks to the level of innovation in the company as a whole.

12. Jarvee

There are a whole lot of things to love about Jarvee, one of which is the fact that they are one of the oldest social and digital marketing companies. This gives them an edge, and an advantage of experience, over others. Despite being very old, Jarvee’s price range hasn’t changed much over the years as they remain committed to serving their customers first.

13. Views Expert

This company simply wants to take you and your company to the next level through media marketing via more Twitter followers. They are a team of social experts that help develop a perfect online presence and brand. Their services go beyond just helping you gather followers as they also come up with other ideas on how you can improve your platform presence.

14. Famoid

The company’s watchword is reliability and fast delivery. They offer a purchase Twitter followers gain service that can be trusted and is delivered as quickly as possible, as revealed by their customer reviews so far.

15. Blastup

Blastup’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the result of their popularity and growth campaign appears almost immediately and doesn’t take days, unlike many other growth companies. With Blastup, there’s also no need for you to give up your passwords and Twitter account details before you enjoy their services.

16. Venium

Website brags about having the most affordable audience gain packages of all the growth companies. Their price range starts from as low as $3 for 100 targeted real Twitter followers. They also make provisions for a ”lifetime guarantee”. The way this works is that it imposes the duty to replace your lost followers on them. In addition to this, they also have a live tracking product that helps you check if your Twitter engagement and follow count have reduced and need refilling and updating.

17. Global Like

Like most companies discussed above, Global Like also offers specific media growth services, but one unique feature to them is the fact that their replacement plan only lasts for 30 days.

In addition to the social and popularity growth companies mentioned above, some others are worthy of mention and offer great services. Here they are:

18. SocioBlend

Founded in 2010, SocioBlend is a social media company that has its headquarters in India and offers services to different people across the globe. In terms of their services, they are a step ahead of other social media marketing agencies as they offer SEO optimization and content generation services.

They also help their customers generate organic Twitter followers at affordable prices. If there is a complaint regarding their services, SocioBlend has a customer support system that is present on all social media platforms and ready to answer users’ questions.

19. Tweny

Tweny have a different range of Twitter growth packages but certain features are permanent in all of these packages. First, Tweny has a “proprietary optimization engine” that ensures that your Twitter audience is your targeted audience. They also ensure consistent growth by monitoring the account and assigning social media marketing consultants to you.

To get potential clients started, Tweny offers a unique 3-days trial within which the client can get 100-500 Twitter followers. After this comes their paid services which are divided into; individual ($69), Influencer ($99), and Pro ($199).

20. Hootsuite

According to hootsuite’s website, they are a simpler way to grow your Twitter account and audience. They have online software that analyses Twitter metrics and algorithms and tries to tweak them in your favor.

Hootsuite relieves you of the burden of monitoring your account and the timeline yourself. They come up with the content that is to be published on your page and ensure that your engagement is top notch.

21. Stormlikes

While other social media growth agencies brag about using tools and software to help their clients achieve their objectives, Stormlikes claim that their human team does everything. Their prices are very low and a lot of online reviews testifies to their authenticity.

22. SNS Boosters

They have a very low pricing range, with $13 you can get up to 600 followers on SNS boosters. SNS Boosters is very popular for their speedy delivery. However, past users have complained about the authenticity of their services.

Real Twitter Followers Guide 

Now, let’s answer some of the questions most people ask about Twitter marketing websites and Twitter growth strategy.

Do you have the possibility to buy Twitter followers?

It is very possible to buy Twitter followers. While it is officially prohibited by the social networking platform, people who are not satisfied with the number of followers that they have on Twitter can buy some more. 

How do you get genuine followers on Twitter?

If you can not afford to buy Twitter followers from marketing companies but you are still interested in getting real followers on Twitter, it is still very possible to have a target audience. All you have to do is to be patient and follow the steps that will be discussed subsequently. Use the third party websites carefully for Twitter accounts. Insert the Twitter username only when it is asked for some data.

The first step you should take is to tweet often. If you want to grow your Twitter audience, you must increase your Twitter presence and by all means, become a “keyboard warrior”, because nothing beats consistency. Tweeting more than you have been doing in the past also involves posting pictures and videos. Tweets which are just texts are more common on a regular Twitter algorithm than pictures and videos are. What this means is that when you post a picture on your page the probability of getting people’s attention from a video or picture tweet is higher than that of a normal text-based post.

Up next, revamp your profile. It is assumed that you have created your account before now. Therefore, you might want to take a second look at the details you’ve shared on Twitter and cross-check if they are attractive enough for new followers. You might want to change your Twitter handle, the main page etc. A profile carrying well-curated details and visuals will definitely get you more active Twitter followers.

Also, to increase the social proof with buying Twitter followers and traffic, you must engage your followers and other people on Twitter. Marketing strategies Engagement simply means replying to people’s comments, commenting on the tweets of others, retweeting, etc. Similarly, you can also use relevant hashtags to promote your tweets, especially hashtags that appear on the trend table. Doing this will increase the reach of the tweets as well as their engagement.

What are the prices for the idea to buy Twitter followers?

There is no generally stipulated price for the services of social growth companies, so it is difficult to say precisely how much it costs to get real followers on Twitter. Also, there’s the fact that the amount you would be charged is dependent on the type of package you purchase from the popularity growth of the company. Overall, it costs around $10 to $200 to buy active Twitter followers.

Is it illegal to buy Twitter followers?

Buying Twitter followers on any social network, not just Twitter, is not illegal, according to any country’s laws. This is because there are no laws that expressly state that boosting media presence through social growth agencies is a punishable offense. However, social platforms including Twitter have rules that prohibit the purchase of followers.

How will it grow my followers?

The decision to buy Twitter followers can help your channel experience some organic growth and here’s how. If you buy some real followers, particularly followers from your region/location and industry, you should have more engagement on your tweet. This will also translate to your tweets more traffic and profile having a wide reach to other users on Twitter, leading to additional followers and engagement.

What should we do to find the best?

The truth is there are a lot of media growth companies out there and it can sometimes get very confusing to choose the one that will help you with getting active Twitter users. One of the ways to find out which website is best for you is to determine your budget and the companies whose services fall within that range. After that, you can now proceed to carry out extensive research on the reviews available online for each of these companies. It is advised to focus on third-party review sites for the truth about each one of them. You may also reach out to persons that have used their services before, to get their opinions.


The importance of media nowadays is clear to everyone, and still can’t be overstated. However, getting started on platforms, especially a very big one such as Twitter, can be quite difficult. That is why the idea to buy Twitter followers is good. Nowadays, it is such a tasking endeavor, that businesses who would like to get some conversions via media will have to employ the services of a community manager, or a popularity growth of the company.

Therefore, the importance of social growth companies practically increases by the day. However, using the growth of social companies to increase with buying Twitter followers and Twitter traffic is to a very large extent, a game of luck. While some are excellent and efficient, some others are simply not. It is therefore very important to carry out extensive research before opting for the service of one of them. This article and the growth of media companies mentioned above are a great way to get started.