Transcription services are classified into three categories: general, medical, and legal. The truth is, several industries need to use transcription services to convert video or audio content into text, either verbatim or non-verbatim, by using software or by hiring human transcriptionists.

Rev is the most well-known transcriptionist website, but it may not be for you. There are many Rev alternatives that combine human and machine transcription to form audio language into text. If you belong to one of the following industries, we recommend trying them out.

Major Industries That Benefit From Transcription Services

The following is an overview of some industries and clients that need transcription services.

Legal professionals need transcriptionists for several reasons. Court reporters are the most obvious example, as they need to type out testimonies in real-time. However, law firms, in general, need transcription services to categorize and maintain court or client records.

Transcripts are endlessly useful for court proceedings, as text can’t be up for interpretation in the same way speech can. To ensure paralegals and attorneys can investigate the facts of a case quickly and effectively without errors, they’ll need transcriptions of each court session.

2. Medical/Healthcare Industry

Without medical transcription, it would be difficult for the healthcare industry to function. The entire sector requires physical documents of patient files, recordings of patient notes and procedures, as well as related educational material that’s uploaded by medical receptionists.

What makes the need for transcriptionists unique is the use of medical terminology. Without that knowledge, a medical layman who may need to read their personal documents will feel like they’re reading a different language. Transcriptionists allow doctors to focus on their patients.

3. Academic Sectors

The hearing impaired will need transcriptionists to jot down their notes, but almost any student could find a transcription service useful. For example, universities and schools will hire these services to transcript error-free notes, seminars, and lectures for any student that needs it.

Master’s and Ph.D. students definitely do, as a transcriptionist can convert interviews into text that can be used in their dissertations. Primary and secondary schools may also need text documents for multiple tasks, such as printing out activity sheets or scheduling staff meetings.

4. Market Research and Consulting Firms

Both consulting firms and market researchers need to conduct formal interviews of their employers’ products and services. Most researchers will record their interviewees, but without a transcriptionist on staff, they’re forced to write out a separate document for their data.

Without writing down your findings, qualitative interviews become useless. These sectors should hire a transcription service to create accurate and clear records of their participants’ exact responses so they can be carefully reviewed and used within the company.

General Industries That Could Use a Transcription Service

The following industries won’t necessarily need transcriptionists, but they’ll benefit from them.

5. Keynote Speakers 

Keynote speakers can give their speech staying power by getting a transcriptionist to transcribe their audio, be it live or through a recorded video. When a transcribed version is placed online, its reach is amplified. Plus, keynote speakers can use their speech as extra blog post content.

6. Video and Audio Podcasters

It’s faster to read a piece of content than it is to listen to it. While listening to a podcast, you’ve likely heard a lot of filler words, pauses, and interruptions. A transcriptionist can remove all of these stopping points, allowing readers to take what they want from the podcast.

7. Freelance Writers or Authors

Busy freelance writers and authors can use text-to-speech transcription software to get all of their thoughts on the page. Now, all the writer has to do is edit the content once it’s placed on the page. Hybrid solutions provide human editors who can edit your documents for you.

8. Marketing Consultants

All consultants could benefit from a transcription service for the same reason writers do. However, marketing consultants typically have to write and respond to more emails and social media posts. A text-to-speech tool can help them do all of that and more, hand-free.

9. SEO Content Strategists

Content strategists often write articles for entertainment purposes, but they could also be copywriters who produce marketing content. Using a transcription service, strategists can turn videos into written transcripts while a human editor tweaks the post to include SEO practices.

10. Publicity Coaches

A publicity coach teaches their clients how to handle publicity. No, this service isn’t just unique to celebrities because publicity coaches also help startups create and manage their brand image. A publicity coach may hire a transcriptionist to transcribe audio-based learning materials.

11. Video Production Firms

A video production team works on the process of producing video content for social media, television, commercials, and corporate promotions. A video production firm should use a transcription service to offer their clients another avenue for non-audio content creation.