By Charissa Struble

Did you know that YouTube has 1 billion unique users each month?  Or, that 6 billion hours of video are watched each month through the site.  That accounts for nearly one hour for every person on Earth!

Over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute making it even more powerful than cable networks for people ages 18-34.  If your target demographic falls into that category, that’s some very promising news.  If your audience tends to be younger or older, never fear.  You can still reach out to them using YouTube. Try to get knowledge about YouTube automation tools to boost your channel rapidly.

There is a right way to use YouTube to promote your company.  Here are some tips to help make using the site easier for you.

Create and customize your own channel.

Brand consistency is important.  Although it may not seem like having your business’ name, logo, and colors as a part of your channel matters, it does tremendously.  Take time to make things look nice.  First impressions are often the only impressions you have to make.

Use subtitles when you can.

Appeal to the hearing impaired by making use of subtitles in your video.  They can run across the bottom of the screen when a person is speaking and help people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to hear your presentation know what it’s all about.  You want to include everyone by inviting them to take notice of your company.

Skip the annotations.

Although you can make comments on the screen as your video plays, you shouldn’t.  It’s distracting and annoying.  It’s much better to let your content speak for itself.  If your video is shot and well written, you won’t need to add any commentary to it.

Squash negative comments.

Moderate what is allowed to show up on the page.  YouTube is notorious for trolling.  If someone has a legitimate complaint, address it right away.  If they’re saying something just to pass the time, delete it.

Know your audience.

Send out regular surveys to see how you can improve the content that you include on your channel.  Pay attention to what people have to say.  Your customers are one of your greatest research tools.

Organize your content.

Make it easier for people to find the videos that they’re looking for.  You can organize them according to subject or the year that they were recorded.  This makes it easy to access the information a customer needs quickly.

Upload your YouTube videos to multiple places.

Cross promotion helps you get the word out faster and more effectively.  Make the most of YouTube by placing videos wherever you receive traffic for your business — your blog, website, and other social media pages.

Use analytical tools to track progress.

It’s important to see which videos are hitting home.  Use YouTube’s free tools to see how well things are going for your business and where you may be able to improve your process for better results.

Focus on consistency.

Don’t get complacent. Make sure that you spend equal amounts of time uploading new content the way you would onto your blog or social media accounts.  The more exposure you can draw to your business, the better.  After all, it’s all about saturation.  People can’t miss a company that is right under their noses.

YouTube is more than just a place to share videos.  It’s a tool that you can use to launch and maintain your business.  Whether a video is created to explain a new product or service or used to get others to share your business name with family and friends, one thing is certain.  Once you’ve gotten in the habit of using YouTube, you’ll be hooked.  You’ll wonder why you never thought to create videos for your business before.