By Richard Meadow

Whether you work in an office, shop or any other workplace, there will be times when the environment becomes stressful. Stress can prove your passion toward a task and gives you greater satisfaction once the job is complete. However, most stress can be unhealthy and if it isn’t addressed properly it can lead to a poor relationship toward your career. There are several areas that can trigger stress and ways to reduce or prevent workplace stress.

Work Overload

Receiving too much work and working overtime can likely increase the stress in your workday. There are times you may need to work harder or do more to show your commitment to the job, but working too much there is a chance of burning out. Constantly overworking is unhealthy and will likely impact your productivity, acknowledging the reasons you’re stressed in work can really help improve your day. More staff might be required to work on the task, you might need better training to make your time more efficient or you might not enjoy the job you have been given, once you know the reasons, speaking to a manager and looking at ways to improve it will benefit your commitment to the workplace.

Difficult Colleagues and Managers

You might find that you enjoy the job itself, but other colleagues or managers are increasing your stress levels. The best way to address this is working on being friends with people you work closely with; they’re likely to help you more and not let you down if you have a good working relationship. It will also help with your enjoyment in the workplace, having someone to talk to and laugh with can dramatically lower stress levels. If your stress revolves around a manager, speaking to someone in HR or a different manager may help them change their approach toward you.

Feelings About Your Career Path

You might currently be in a career that isn’t suited to your skillset, it might be obvious to say, but looking for new career paths is essential for your well being. Picking a career that you enjoy every day and receive satisfaction from will do a great deal to alleviate your stress levels. If you do enjoy the company you work for and your line of work, you could consider a change in role. Looking into progression and change is a great way to stay motivated and lower stress. Exploring your goals with a manager is essential, if they know what you want to strive toward they can potentially alter your job role and cater towards your needs.

Additional Tips for Reducing Stress

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t make changes internally in the workplace, there are ways to reduces stress yourself. Here are a few to try:

  • Working Out – Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally reduce stress. The body releases chemicals called endorphins whilst working out that work as natural painkillers and make you feel better. It doesn’t need to be high impact exercises either, yoga is a popular choice for lowering stress.
  • Applications – With the advancement in mobile technology, apps have been designed to help reduce stress. different games, breathing exercises and home workouts can be found on the platforms.
  • Hobbies – Finding a focus on outside the workplace can help reduce stress and give you something to look forward to regularly.
  • Socialize – Talking about your problems at work and human contact is always a productive way to reduce stress and take your mind off things. friends tend to sympathize and offer relatable advice, so be vocal.

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