Effective visual merchandizing can boost retail in many ways. It can entice customers through the front door, enhance your store’s brand, encourage customers to linger and boost sales. Only your imagination limits opportunities to showcase merchandise. No matter your store’s footprint, product displays enable you to make the most of every space; this includes tables, countertops, floor, walls, ceiling and even bathroom stalls.

Acrylic is a great choice of material for product displays, because it’s stronger than glass, shatter-resistant, lightweight and optically clear. You can also personalize acrylic with custom colors, printing and engraving. And because of its structure, custom designs can be created for just about anything under the sun t. Keep proportion, sight lines, your brand experience and space considerations in mind, then get creative! Here are several ways to use acrylic displays in your retail business.


Tables are great for merchandising with product displays because they can be placed anywhere you have space for them. Display boxes and display cubes are a good choice for tabletop displays because they have the dimensional heft to withstand a few inadvertent bumps from any passersby. Trays, too, for the same reason. And tabletops are perfect for signage displays—add a pop of color or alluring imagery, advertise a complementary product, direct people to other items in the store, provide important product information, alert people to upcoming sales and events, and more. With tables, the trick is to use varying heights to add visual interest without making it difficult for people to tangibly experience the items being displayed, because putting items on a table automatically implies that it’s okay to handle them.


Countertops differ from tables  in a couple ways: they’re more stable and usually not mobile. From a display perspective, this gives you the opportunity to showcase more delicate objects. You can also create an atmosphere of familiarity and entice people into last-minute purchases at the point of sale. Display risers of varying heights and dimensions can create interest when grouping like items or cross-merchandising on top of or inside the counter. Displaying commonly purchased items in the same place using easy-to-access trays and risers shows that you value your customers’ time. Placing items in a wide, flat countertop box with a clear, hinged lid provides an eye-level view of small or expensive products. It also enables salespeople to easily access them to share with customers. Using the space next to the register for handy, zany or complementary products encourages last-minute impulse buys; displaying sample products there can entice customers to come back for more.


Pedestals lend instant cachet to any product placed atop them. They’re the place to display your store’s pièce de résistance, whether that’s an intricately decorated cake, an airbrushed helmet designed by an of-the-moment artist, a designer handbag, LED automotive lighting or a camp stove—whatever suits you. There are versions that provide up-lighting from the base, that come with a clear protective display case on top and that provide the extra security of a locking mechanism (or a combination thereof). Pedestal bases also come in a variety of materials, dimensions and finishes to suit your store’s décor.


Vertical surfaces automatically lend themselves to large-scale visual impact. You can design clear acrylic signage holders in any size or shape to protect posters, artwork, textiles (you name it) from tears, dust and damaging UV light. Acrylic is much more lightweight than glass, so you can affix easily to most types of walls. Wall displays (somewhat like sconces with a flat surface at the top) can be arranged in myriad ways at eye level to showcase individual products or group products together. They can also be used to draw the eye upward or entice people to another area of the store. Like pedestals, there are versions with up-lighting and protective display cases on top.


As with walls, the lightweight nature of acrylic makes hanging displays from ceilings feasible. You can etch or color acrylic in infinite ways; from simple directional signage to artistic elements that echo and enhance your brand (an etched poem in a stationery store, for instance, or a signature design over a tattoo artist’s station). Look for an acrylic display provider with experienced designers and craftsmen to ensure they do your brand justice.

Bathroom Stalls (and other things with doors)

Acrylic signage holders that affix to vertical surfaces are perfect for sharing information with a captive audience. Paste them in your restroom to announce an upcoming sale or event, promote good hygiene, and introduce customers to new products. Your bathroom must look clean. If you need help installing or remodeling your commercial bathroom, check onepointpartitions.com. A bathroom in good condition will allow your customers to feel comfortable and will make your business publicity look better.

When you own your own retail business, you know just how important it is to showcase your products effectively to attract customers and boost in-store sales. Using a variety of product displays enables you to take advantage of every surface.