User-generated content (UGC) can be a powerful element in your online marketing strategy. With a fast-growing digital presence, social media channels have become the hub of user-created content. This is why it is becoming a goal of many online marketers to leverage UGC for business growth and revenue generation.

What is User-Generated Content?

Any content (images, videos, blogs, reviews, testimonials, etc.) that is created by customers for the brand is called user-generated content. UGC is one of the most authentic statement about the brand because it is the opinion of a real customer. This has the power to inspire a huge number of potential customers to invest in a brand. This content boosts up the marketing strategy of the brands and acts as powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

How to Leverage User-Generated Content

Brands can use user-generated content in various ways to increase sales and magnify growth. For example, here are a few ways to use UGC.

1. Social Media Wall for Websites

Social media walls are simply an organized social media feed curated by collecting user-generated content from diverse social channels. To increase the performance of the website, brands can aggregate and embed their consumer-generated content from social media channels. Many social media aggregator tools can help brands to embed their social media wall on websites. This will create a visual hub and enhance the user engagement of the website. Also, brands can aggregate Google reviews on their website to add credibility to their products.

2. Social Media Wall for Displays at Events

You have probably seen big companies displaying their social presence on the large screen during their events. This is an effective way to boost audience engagement; it can also increase their interaction with the brand using curated live hashtag feeds. By displaying the content curated using dedicated event’s hashtag, brands can have a better connection with their audience during events.

3. Digital Signage at Stores

Displaying customer testimonials on the screen at a retail store helps the brand increase authenticity; it also creates a showcase of their products. Reviews are the internet’s word-of-mouth and are the best choice to influence potential customers to make a purchase decision. This way brands build a trustworthy relationship with the customers, drive more conversions and boost sales.

4. Shoppable Content with UGC

By featuring genuine customers using a product, brands can attract more customers and influence their purchase decisions. Adding product tags to this user-generated content on social media will add shoppability to their product. It can provide a smooth purchase journey to customers without even leaving the page.

Things to Remember When Incorporating UGC into Your Marketing Strategy

To successfully incorporate user-generated content into your marketing strategy, you need to plan your campaign ahead of time. So, here are a few points to consider before starting a UGC campaign:

  • Have a determined goal for the campaign – A brand should have a clear goal for its UGC campaign. Aggregation of UGC depends on the objective of the campaign; i.e. to boost awareness, to drive conversions, or to boost sales.
  • Consult your legal team – Using UGC without prior permission will put you in legal trouble; there are a number of copyright infringement and rights issues to be aware of. To stay safe from these user’s rights issues, brands must acquire user’s permission before using the content. This can be done by consulting with the legal authorities of the company and following proper procedure for doing so.
  • Display only positive UGC – There are many people across social media channels who ruin your brand’s image with negative feedback. A brand must learn from these negative comments, but should always try to focus on positive feedback for display. This positive feedback will elevate your brand’s image.

In conclusion, with these strategies, brands can incorporate user-generated content in many ways. Give it a try and see how your business can stand out and build a strong customer base.