If you’re new to the hotel business or already spent some time in it, you know that bookings and no vacant rooms are what every hotel needs. But, your customers also want to know that they are booking with a reliable company, and the best way to do this is by following the next simple guidelines.

Make sure to respond quickly when someone books with you. This means contacting them within minutes of their reservation being made, not hours or days later. Don’t underestimate politeness, especially on the phone because it will make people feel good about booking at your establishment.

You should also embrace modern technology, as today there are many apps and software that make communication with guests to be much easier and enhance their experience. In this matter, especially is digital signage for hospitality important, as this will make your hotel stand out from the rest. Working in this industry you need to follow the trends and upgrade your business to match the expectations and provide even better than them.

Try and offer free wifi if possible–especially now that many people use their phones as mobile hotspots so they don’t have to pay extra fees. This is especially important if your guests are traveling for business, but it can also be an advantage to travelers who just want to check their email while they’re waiting in the lobby before going up to their rooms.

First Impressions

Make sure that your front desk staff knows the area and can give directions to guests who aren’t used to using maps or GPS. Even if you have a small establishment, people are still going to ask your staff for directions so, try to have at least one person on duty who knows their way around so that you can give guests better directions whenever it’s necessary.

Put out cookies with pamphlets about local attractions. You can offer these to guests who are checking in, but you should also have some available near the front desk at all times.

Have a security box in your reception area for people who are traveling with valuables and don’t mind leaving them there while they explore the city. This will ensure that guests always know where they can go if they need to leave their passport or laptop somewhere safe, and it also adds a layer of security in case they decide not to leave it in their rooms instead.

Customer Experience

Offer free bottles of water in your rooms. Not only is this just a nice gesture overall, but it’s also great for guests who are traveling with young children because they won’t have to keep running back down to the front desk or vending machine if their kids are thirsty. Just make sure you keep an eye on how much you’re giving out at one time because you don’t want to be wasteful.

Make sure that your guests always have access to free coffee or tea. Not only is this another great way to get more people to try your food, but it’s also a great perk for people who are traveling with children. If you’re looking for easy ways to offer comfort to your guests without breaking the bank, then these are some of the best options available.

Keep an eye on how many people are using each bathroom so you know how often you should be changing the towels. If a bathroom has been used more than once or twice, then it may start to get pretty gross if people don’t have clean options available to them. In addition to being nice to your guests, this is also another way of avoiding problems before they escalate into something bigger.

Customer Service

Be proactive about preventing problems before they start. For example, if you have guests who are going to be arriving late at night, make sure there is someone at the front desk to help them find their way around the hotel area in the dark. This is more important if you are somewhere that can present a safety problem, but it will also build confidence among guests who are wondering what your establishment would do if they needed you.

Respond on time if any problems do come up during a guest’s stay. The golden rule of customer relations is that you should always be ready to go the extra mile, especially if you’re going out of your way to accommodate people. If you remember this one simple fact, then there aren’t any situations where it’s not possible to make a discontented customer happy again.

Going an Extra Mile

You should already be regularly checking online reviews, but it never hurts to ask your guests for reviews after they’ve gone home. This is an especially good idea if you are planning on offering any incentives because otherwise there’s no real reason why people should take the time to leave reviews about their stay.

Always guarantee a late checkout time unless there’s a good reason not to allow it. If you can offer this concession without causing problems for other guests, then it’s a good idea to let people use their rooms whenever they want. Part of the reason why more and more people are booking through apps like Airbnb is that you can usually get away with things that would never fly through traditional hotel channels, so offering late checkouts may be a way to get more business.

Offer free breakfast if you can do so without causing problems for your staff or kitchen. This is a great perk that can add to your reviews, but it’s also a good way of getting people who may not have been planning on eating with you to consider giving your dining options a try.

If you want to get more bookings for your hotel business, the most valuable asset in any marketing campaign is a reputation that can be trusted. The best way to build this trust? Following mentioned tips, guidelines not only will you increase your number of bookings but also help create a positive experience among all guests who visit, and make them come back.