By Princess Jones

Popular Instagram accounts are valuable property. Even with the introduction of ads, Instagram still remains the social media network with the most natural reach. And there are nefarious people out there who make a living stealing accounts. You can prevent people from trying to hack your accounts but you can be as secure as possible with them.

Two-factor authentication is a setting that requires an additional code besides the password for accounts when they are logging on from unknown devices. This way, if someone gets your password, they would also need a second factor to access your account. Most social media networks already have them but Instagram was a little late to the game. But finally, you can set it up on your account.

How to Do It

Start by opening your Instagram app and opening your profile. Open the Options menu. (On IOS, it’s a wheel and on Android, it’s three vertical dots.) Scroll down to the middle of the page and tap “Two-Factor Authentication.”

On the next screen, toggle the Require Security Code option. You’ll get a confirmation screen asking if you really mean to turn this on. Tap “Turn On.”

The app will send you a text message with a six digit code. Input that code into the Verify Phone Number screen and tap the arrow to go to the next screen. There are several backup codes on this page. These are in case you don’t have access to your phone number but still need a code. The app prompts you to take a screenshot and save it in a place you would have access to even if you didn’t have access to your phone or your phone number.


Now if someone tries to log into your account from an unknown device, Instagram will require an access code to complete the process. So if you lose your phone, you will have to either go get a new phone with access with that number or use a backup code. Also, this does not prevent someone from using your device to access your account or from logging onto a computer or device that you’ve previously given access to.

And finally, if Instagram sends you an access code you didn’t ask for, change your password immediately. It means that someone has gotten your username/password correct but is just trying to sign on from an unknown device. Your account security has still been compromised.