Shopify is great e-commerce platform offering opportunities to not only big companies but also small start-ups. And because it’s open to everyone, stores and sellers continuously compete for customers and sales. Using Shopify applications is one of the best ways to improve sales. But among the many, what should you use?

Features of an Excellent Shopify App

Shopify apps may seem daunting to new sellers, especially that they promise to support the store in different ways possible. What are these applications for? To put it simply, a Shopify sale app helps stores or sellers automate their sales and make shipments easier. These apps also assist with managing marketing activities to save time.

Among the thousands of sale apps available, you should focus on those that’ll help you achieve your store goals. When selecting, you should look for the following:

  • Affordable – Paying a high price doesn’t always equate to quality. Always compare the pros and cons the app has. Weigh down the pricing against the potential benefits you’ll get from the app. Does it seem worth it?
  • Easy to use – Get a beginner-friendly app with a neat and straightforward interface. Choose one that you’ll quickly know how to operate to avoid confusion.
  • With customer support – Check if the app offers reliable and active support from their team that you can contact in case you run into problems.
  • Efficient – The most important thing to evaluate is its performance. It should help you cut back on work, not make things harder.

Top 5 Shopify Sale Apps

Here are the top five apps you should try for your business.

1.     KUKapp

KUKapp is a ready-made tool to integrate your Shopify store into a mobile app since many Shopify buyers find it easier to shop through mobile apps. Additionally, KUKapp offers automatic synchronization of your store’s inventory. You can get the app through

Key features:

  • No need for app design or configuration.
  • Automatically publishes the finished app on the App Store and Play Store without registration and verification requirements.
  • Guarantees stable and speedy shopping experience.
  • Secures transactions and activities under RestApi protocol with SSI/TLS support.
  • Automatically updates product and store information added or changed on the Shopify website.
  • Doesn’t store the user’s personal data.


  • Basic – $99 per month
  • Pro – $499 per month
  • Additional $50 per month for the finished app to be published on App and Play Stores

2.     Oberlo

A dropshipping app that’s ideal for sellers that need to outsource their supplies. Oberlo helps sellers find the right products and suppliers for their Shopify stores. This is mainly a good app for sellers who find packaging and shipping troublesome.

Key features:

  • Finds products and automatically adds them to the seller’s Shopify store.
  • Handles the inventory.
  • Automatically processes the shipment when the order is made and lets the supplier handle it through the dropshipping feature.
  • Allows sellers to offer more product catalogs in their stores through outsourcing.


  • Explorer – Free
  • Boss – $29.90 per month

3.     UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

This is an app for marketing and promotion. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is an all-in-one tool that helps sellers to build and achieve success with affiliate marketing. With this app, products and businesses can be advertised efficiently to a larger audience.

Key features:

  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use with features that will help easily build the ambassador team.
  • Helps generate multiple affiliation programs with various commission designs.
  • Instantly and automatically monitors and reports affiliate’s performances and referral orders.
  • Offers free listing on the UpPromote Marketplace.
  • Directly communicate with affiliates through in-app chat or emails.


  • Free
  • Grow Affiliate to Enterprise – Ranges from $21.99 to $139.99 per month

4.     Recart

Recart utilizes the Facebook market, especially the Messenger app. It’s a marketing tool that helps enhance online stores by making Facebook Messenger a marketing platform. It’s an excellent marketing platform since Messenger is now one of the largest messaging apps with many active users. With Recart, your products can be directly advertised to a messenger user’s chat.

Key features:

  • Fast and instant Facebook campaigns.
  • Supports two-way and real-time communication with customers.
  • Has ready-made templates for campaigns you can choose from.
  • Can be integrated with other Shopify apps.
  • Has notifications about shipping and abandoned carts.


  • Pricing depends on the revenue generated by the app and ranges from $29 to $499

5.     Omnisend

This is another marketing tool and is mainly used to stay connected with customers. It also has features like push notifications and those that allow you to send messages through email, Facebook Messenger, and more. With a ready-made workflow of communication, you can automatically start with the help of Omnisend.

Key features:

  • A pre-built workflow that allows the automation of campaigns in just minutes.
  • Google and Facebook syncing to retarget customers.
  • Has customizable email formats to help create visually appealing emails.
  • Comes with analytics and customer segmentation tools.


  • Free trial
  • Standard and Pro plans – Starts from $16 to $59 per month


Although Shopify is a great platform to start your business, it’s also a space of tight competition where you need to do what you can to make your store stand out. These sale apps are beneficial to reach more audiences and boost your sales. Finding the right app to use will help you grow your business and take you on top of your league in no time.