By Veronica Baxter

No matter what kind of business owner you are, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you in one way or another. As the global pandemic is forcing people all over the world to stay at home, businesses are losing money. From small businesses to large ones, business owners are unsure of what is next for the livelihood of their businesses. All businesses are looking for ways to stay connected to clients during the pandemic.

Business owners are wondering how they can keep their clients happy during these trying times that are forcing the world to exist solely online. However, with that being said, business owners can use the digital aspect of their business to their advantage; this is an opportunity to stay connected to their clients and customers during the quarantine. This post will detail three great ways to help you stay connected to clients during the pandemic.

Stay Connected to Your Clients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Philadelphia appeals attorney pointed out that staying connected to clients and customers will make them feel important and appreciated. Whether you own a law firm, a small clothing store, a restaurant, or even a website developing company, it’s important to stay connected. Here are some ways to do that during the global pandemic.

1. Schedule Video Calls with Your Clients

This is a simple and easy way to stay connected that will benefit you and your client. Schedule weekly video conferences with your clients to talk about the business you have with them as well as what your goals are as the world moves forward in quarantine. Depending on your business, what you talk about will be different, however, making it a point to reach out to your clients will go a long way.

Likewise, it’s better to do a video call rather than a regular call; video calls are more personal. Video calls are becoming more popular as businesses are turning towards a digital approach; however, video calls are especially important now while the world is in quarantine because people will benefit from seeing other humans that do not live in their household.

2. Update Your Website and Social Media

An easy and important way to stay connected while in quarantine is to maintain your online presence and to update your website/social media. Depending on your business, this can make or break your client base while in quarantine. Staying connected by updating your online presence is especially important if you own a small business, perhaps a clothing store. By updating your social media and website, you can show customers what new products you have to offer, helping you stay connected with your clients.

If you own a home service business, such as an HVAC company, or a restaurant, it will be worth your while to post COVID-19 updates. This gives you a way to let your customers know the circumstances in which you are working. Or, if you own a law firm or any other white-collar business, updating your online presence will let clients know that you are still working and will entice them to keep reaching out to you.

3. Send Weekly Messages

Similar to video chatting, but one step further, sending weekly messages to clients is an outstanding way to help you stay connected to clients while in quarantine. Your weekly messages don’t have to be about work, in fact, they probably shouldn’t be as long as you have scheduled times to discuss work. Instead of messaging about work, check in with your clients to see how they are feeling during this global pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a hard time for people, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. Some people are coping with this pandemic better than others and some people need extra support right now. Sending a quick message to your clients, making sure that they are okay will go a long way. Simply asking how they are doing will help you stay connected and will also show your clients that you care about them on a personal level.

Stay Connected Now, Keep Your Connections Later

By staying connected to your clients now during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be able to maintain your clients and customers later on. Staying connected will be lucrative to your business as well as your personal relationships with your clients. Make it a point to stay connected the best you can, it will benefit you now and in the long run.