Employee recruitment has become highly competitive, and companies must adopt new strategies to attract the best candidates. Social networks offer an opportunity to promote job openings and reach target candidates. Your social presence can help you leverage social media recruiting to find the best candidates for open positions. A social recruiting strategy is being adopted by many companies for two main reasons:

  1. Candidates tend to be passive users; they are not looking for new opportunities and consequently do not consult job posting sites or even the career pages of companies.
  2. On the other hand, these candidates are active on social media and may already be followers of the company page.

Now, it is the talent who chooses the best organizational reality. The behavior implemented is very similar to an e-commerce site for customers: the social page of our company says a lot about who we are and what distinguishes us from other potential employers.

The most used channels for social media recruiting are Linkedin and Facebook. It is on these networks that we need to take a step back to understand that we are talking about a public showcase that returns the image of our everyday life. We must pay attention to what is published, avoiding inappropriate content that could damage our image. Sometimes there is a misalignment between what is expressed in terms of preferences, hobbies and passions declared in the interview with what is published and declared in the virtual community.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Recruiting

Among the positive aspects, there is certainly the possibility of selecting the best person for the specific job position that is being sought. And also that of getting an all-round idea of the candidate and his actual potential.

Among the negative aspects of social media recruiting we find the skimming of CVs. This becomes much more difficult, given the number of incoming contacts. However, we must take into account that there is now several recruiting software which, thanks to special filters, makes the first selection by discarding less relevant applications and improving the candidate experience.

How to Integrate Career Days with Social Media Recruiting

Career Days allows young people to meet prominent professionals from the world of work they are about to enter. But they are also for recruiters to get to know potential candidates listening to their experiences, creating the conditions for good employee experience.

The creation of a direct contact between supply and demand is in fact increasingly used, especially by companies operating in different locations. The Career Day can be inserted as a next step to the attraction via the web. Digital reputation will therefore have a fundamental role in the ability to attract talents, especially those of Generation Z.

Talent Scouting Through Social Media

A proactive and more discreet methodology that we can activate through social media is headhunting. The most targeted “headhunting” is dedicated to the search for high-profile talents who hold executive positions. The method is inspired by the talent scouting used in sport and needs time and continuous analysis of potential candidates.

Furthermore, also for the application of this method, social media recruiting obtains the best results. According to recent research, in fact, 93% of job seekers choose LinkedIn as a showcase for their presentation, thus facilitating the recruiter’s activity.

We can safely say that talent is always around the corner; we just need to figure out how to identify and attract candidates. Also because, just like customers, a talent lost because it went unnoticed could easily be noticed by the competition.