By Alyssa Gregory

If you blog regularly, one common challenge you likely face is coming up with blog topics to write about on a consistent basis. This article on where to find blog post topic ideas can help with that. Another way to keep interesting content on your blog is to refresh blog posts written a long time ago. These forgotten posts can be very useful, especially if they didn’t make that big of a splash the first time around. Here’s how to do it.

1. Update the Content of the Post

Time passes and things change. You learn more and experience more. And maybe even your perspective changes. Take look at posts you wrote a year or two ago and see where you may be able add in some new ideas. When you do this, keep the same URL and just republish with the new date so the post surfaces to the top of your recent posts list. You may also want to add an editor’s note that the post has be republished from outdated content.

2. Change the Format

Did you write a list post that includes 45 tools for business owners? Try making it a downloadable guide that readers can save for personal use. Is your post an overview of how to do something in your industry? Consider turning it into a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

3. Create a Series Based on the Original Idea

If you have a post that provides an overview of a topic, or very high-level tips on how to do something, consider turning it into a week-long series of posts. You can even set up email autoresponders that readers can subscribe to so they get the series directly in their inbox each day.

4. Build a Topic Hub

Of course you have categories on your blog, but if you have a lot of posts, it may still take your readers a lot of time to browse through to find posts related to a specific topic. Try writing a post that does the searching and compiling for your readers. Pick 5-8 articles that are on a related topic and include a short summary and links in a new blog post. A topic hub can also provide some solid SEO value for your blog as well.

5. Incorporate Interviews

Many blog posts focus on our view of something or what we perceive to be important. Scan some of your old posts for topics that can benefit from a different viewpoint and conduct an interview with someone who has experience in the area to add more value to the original post.

6. Ask for a Rebuttal

This one is especially good for any semi-controversial topics you may have written about. Find someone who disagrees with your perspective (the comments on your original post is a great place to look), and ask him or her to write a guest post that shares a differing opinion. Not only can this be a great way to bring some new life to old posts, but it can also allow for some healthy debate on your site. It can also bring in a new audience of readers!

7. Continue to Share on Social Media

This is one idea that you can be doing, even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time revamping an older post. Go back through your blog and pick out a few of your favorite posts, then scatter them throughout your social networks occasionally to renew interest.  Make sure you keep comments open on your blog so readers can continue to participate.

8. Do an “Oldie” Roundup

Create a series of weekly or monthly posts that share some of your favorite posts from way back when. The Unclutter blog does this well with their “A Year Ago” series, sharing links to posts that were published a year ago or longer on the blog.

What have you done to bring old blog posts back to life on your blog?