By Gayathry V. Pillai

Abandoned shopping carts are very common in any ecommerce store. This happens for numerous reasons including price variation, ignorance, an ineffective checkout process, poor marketing copy, etc. The rate of shopping cart abandonment is more than 67%, making it one of the greatest concerns for an ecommerce business.

It’s necessary for ecommerce websites to integrate cart abandonment notifications — a series of notifications that convince the user to complete the purchase — on their site to not only help recover those lost sales, but also to build the brand value in the customer’s mind.

Types of Web Push Notifications

Here are a few ways to implement web push notifications to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Cart Reminders

Web push notifications allow you to send personalized and automated messages to your customers. If a user leaves the site without completing the purchase, you can send abandoned cart reminders to your customers up to 30 minutes after he left your site.

Make sure that the notification is personalized so that it evokes the user to do the intended action, while also including a product image and a product URL.

Urgency Notifications for Products in the Cart

If you find that a user left your site without completing the purchase, you can try sending urgency notifications to induce the user to check his cart again.  This can be an effective technique because customers are forced to make a purchase decision in a short period of time, and they might not want to miss out the opportunity of grabbing the right deal.

Using right phrases like ‘Limited Stock’, ‘Hurry Up’, etc. in the notification can create the urgency in the minds of customers. This will result in an immediate action if the user really needs the product. You can also convert customers by sending coupons that last for a limited time period. This works well, too.

Extra Offers

If you find that a purchase didn’t happen, you can start sending push notifications with extra offers like additional cash back or extra discounts. This can evoke the user to grab the product at the earliest as he won’t be letting such an offer go off so easily. For example, wording like this can be effective: Use CODE20 to get extra 20% off on your shoes that are already in the cart. Likewise, you can build up new customers as well as re-engage your old customers.

Ratings and Reviews of the Product

When a user leaves your website, convince him about the benefits he will receive when he completes the purchase. Send a push notification after he leaves saying, “10 more people bought the same product,” and ask him to check for the user reviews. It helps him to make a quick decision. Share a CTA button that redirects him to the review or feedback page or that shows the ratings for the product.

How to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment

One way to minimize shopping cart abandonment is to improve your checkout process. Here are some of the ways you can make you checkout process smoother for customers.

Offer Various Payment Options

It is always good to set up a payment option that is widely accepted. Provide multiple payment options to make it easier for customers to make payment. You can provide the most common methods including PayPal, Credit Card, etc. so that the user can choose this convenient method for an easy payment. This can pave way for completing the purchase.

Make the Checkout Process Easy

A complicated checkout process increases the chances of an abandoned cart. In fact, bounce rate happens mostly during the checkout process. Avoid multi-page checkouts that keep asking the customers to fill in additional forms. Express checkout is a great option to keep the customers coming back. This will help customers to immediately check out and complete the purchase.

Follow the below tips to make the checkout process easy:

  • Single-click checkout
  • Auto-fill forms
  • Option of keeping the shipping and billing address the same

Avoid Hidden Charges

Customers do like surprises but not when it comes to charges. Do not charge anything additional during the time of checkout because this might irritate the customer and he might leave the website immediately. Display the actual price along with the shipping and delivery charges, if any, so that the customer is clear about the amount he has to pay.

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