By Nera Cruz

So you made an ecommerce website. You have set up a payment gateway and your products are all there arranged in nice neat images. Your Facebook and Google ads are driving people to your website.

You are ready to sell. The problem is, nobody is buying. Hopefully, it’s not because you have bad products because that is another problem to tackle. It’s could be your website’s design that is the problem. Here’s how to redesign your ecommerce website and make more sales.

Design is a crucial element in your ecommerce platform.

Of course, things like functionality and the ability to make purchases are a must for any ecommerce website, but don’t knock design. Design can make or break your ecommerce initiative. Poor design can lead to frustrated customers to stop making that purchase or coming back to make a repeat purchase. On the other hand, a well-designed ecommerce platform will make it a breeze for your customers to purchase or sign up for your service.

Your website is often your first point of contact with your client. That is why it pays to make a good first impression. It is therefore very important to design your platform to delight your customer.

Your website should be like water. It should flow on all devices.

Let’s face it. The digital world has moved from the realm of desktops and laptops to the pockets of customers everywhere. People are on their phones and devices all the time. They could make a purchase while waiting in line.

Your customers are likely not seeing your beautiful website on their computer, but are instead viewing it on a smaller screen. If your website is not optimized for a mobile experience, then your key message is not being viewed properly by your audience and you could lose that sale.

Make your website responsive on mobile devices and tablets and reach your customers wherever they are with your message being read loud and clear.

K – I – S – S. Keep it simple and straightforward!

Like everything in life, we hate complication. If you have to make your customer wade through all that clutter on your website, then it makes it harder for him or her to click that BUY button. Use simple language that your customer can understand and avoid using fancy tech that makes your website flashy as hell but does not really sell your product. Remove all ads from your page, especially since it could be a competitor trying to steal your customer from you.

Your customer’s brain is already overloaded from all the messages he or she receives from the net. Do them a favor by giving them only one clutter-free message.

Get high-quality images that put your brand ahead.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or really, it is worth a sale. Ugly looking images will just turn off your customers. Investing in high-quality images is a must. Don’t just use stock photos you get off the net, investing in a photographer or getting your own camera and some lighting can work wonders.

You could also use images to tell a story and sell a lifestyle. Your brand is not just your product or service, it is about how your customers can use them. Showing your product in action is powerful.

Your product should be king.

If the focus is not on the product, then what are you really selling? Put your product up front and center of the page and tell what your product can do. Use large icons and images to attract your customers to read on to know more about your product. A great tip is to describe your product in a language your customer understands and can relate to. Do not use jargon and flowery words to describe something.

Tell your customers what to do.

We like following instructions. It is that simple. If you tell your customers what to do next, most often they will follow it. But if you leave them to guess what to do, then they could end up frustrated and leave your website. Tell your customer to CLICK THIS or BUY Now and they will do it.

Craft a call-to-action or CTA. A CTA tells your customers exactly what to do to make a purchase. You could even make your CTA more powerful by bundling it with an offer. Everybody loves a discount or a freebie, even if it is a small one.

Start right now.

All of these tips are incredibly helpful in making your ecommerce website convert. But nothing will happen if you do not take action immediately. Integrate these tips and watch your conversion rate soar.