By Kyle Courtright

No matter what field you’re in, your potential customers need to be able to quickly understand your mission, products/services, and why you stand out from the competition.

There are thousands of companies out there who are competing for your customers. Making sure that customers understand your business quickly is essential to earning their trust and showing the value your business represents.

If you blend in with other competitors, chances are they will pass you up and move on to your competition. Potential customers want to see what you’re all about. They love having a look behind the curtain. Learning to project your personality and open up to your potential customers is essential.

Have you ever began reading an article online only to find that you clicked off within a few seconds of reading it? There was something about the website or content that made you want to move on. Most likely, the writer simply didn’t know how to connect to his/her audience.

One powerful way to maintain engagement of the reader is to project your own style and personality into the copy. Readers will be able to pick up on your personality and can resonate with you the more you open up. If you speak in a conversational tone of voice, then project that into your copy. If you speak a bit more professionally, then project this in your copy. If you’re a humorous person, then sprinkle some humor in there.

People are drawn to authenticity. By being authentically transparent, people will see this and will relate better to you.

Let talk Unique Selling Position (USP). Let me ask you a question: What makes you different from the rest? Why should customers choose you apart from your competitors? Why should they invest in you? If you’re selling mouse traps, why should your customers purchase your mouse trap over the others? What makes you…unique?

What do you think of when you think of the following brands? Coca Cola. Nike. Apple. I’m sure a lot of things come to your mind like their logo, color scheme, and more. These companies invest millions of dollars into sales and marketing to get you to remember their brand.

That said, throughout your website, clearly communicate the reason why you stand out from the crowd and what type of impression you will leave them with. If you do this successfully, you’ll build a raving fan base of loyal customers who will remember you and come back to your website.

By figuring out what your USP is and communicating this clearly throughout your website, you’ll land a place in their mind that differentiates you from the rest. Try thinking about your website’s impression on potential customers as a first date. You have a limited amount of time to let your date know who you are, what you are about and how you’re different from the rest.

Take a good look at your website and truly think about what it conveys, and what kind of message it’s sending. Does it align with your brand? If yes, great! If no, it’s time to get to work! Be authentic, be unique and open up to your potential customers. They will thank you in the end.