By Heidi Kim

The positive environment within a workplace can be based on various aspects and may differ from one employee to another. A good boss would stimulate productive projects, openly give recognition and reward and make people go to work inspired and motivated.

As a manager, crafting a positive work environment that will bring out the best in your employees is extremely paramount for the success of the entire company. Here are few ways you can improve your working environment.

1. Enhance Employee Engagement

For employee engagement efforts to be of success, they must be weaved in accordance to the distinct needs of each individual. Engaged employees voluntarily give their time, effort and initiatives to contribute to your business success. With this, they may also get more motivated and committed to their roles making them produce better outputs. They will put in more time and effort to get a job done. They will surely do their best to do it well.

As a manager, it is part of your core duties to know some daily practices to boost employee engagement. It is your task as a leader to make sure that your employees are energized and motivated to face the tasks at hand.

2. Show a Vulnerable Side

You may not know it, but often, managers are perceived as powerful, resilient, and most often, distant. This image of strength can be misinterpreted to be unapproachable. Don’t hesitate to talk to your employees, give them advice or just ask them how they’re doing with their work, or are they happy with their salary. That will have a great impact on how they look at you as a leader. Basically, showing to your people your humanness will improve the working environment as you can be more relatable to your workers.

3. Get Familiar with Your Employee’s Strengths

Uncovering the inner strength of your employees will help you effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities that are in line with their talents. Initiating some psychometric test may help reveal these personality traits and discover your team’s potentials. They can use it to their advantage. By knowing their strengths, they will know how they will be able to contribute to the team or to the company. By knowing their weaknesses, they will also know where they will improve on.

Not only that it will add value to your employees by making them feel understood and important as you took the time to know them and their abilities better as individuals. But, they will also feel more comfortable in the position that allows them to do the things they are good at making their talents to shine through.

Being a leader or a manager is a tough job but it is worth it. You will see employees grow and improve before your eyes. You will have a lot of challenges in managing and handling people but if you are a good leader, they will be able to follow your lead and be good employees as well. Remember that communication is the key in any relationship. Take the time to talk to your employees to see if they are facing any difficulties in their jobs. This way, you will know how to help them get it done.