In this digital age, your logo has never been more important. It is the face of your business, printed across all your advertisements, email signatures and social media posts. Your business logo is a representation of your company and brand’s visual identity, and needs to be memorable. So, how exactly do you create the perfect business logo? Consider what a well recognized AI logo maker like has to offer. Let’s look at some important things to consider when designing or redesigning your business logo.


There’s an age-old principle to follow here, K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid. When designing your perfect business logo, be sure to keep this in mind. Logos with too much intricate detail are difficult for your consumers to remember; simple logos are much easier for customers to recall. Often, people remember a visual representation of a company before they remember a name. If the logo manages to reflect a portion of a word or name associated with your business, customers will remember it.

Take the Apple logo, for example. It’s incredibly simple and instantly recognizable, as soon as you see the Apple logo, you associate it with the brands sleek and sophisticated products. Simple logos also make is easier to reproduce effectively. If you plan on making wearable merchandise, such as t-shirts with your logo on them, screen printing a simple logo will be much easier and a lot cheaper.

Incorporating Your Business Name

Take a look at the iconic logos of brands Coca-Cola and McDonalds. The Coca-Cola logo is simply what it is, the name of the company. McDonalds? Just a huge letter M, or the golden arches. Many businesses will add a part of their name or identity and include it in their logo. If it’s a single name, a logo will often include the first letter or an abbreviation, like the Facebook logo. Another option is to incorporate whatever product you sell into the design, much like Burger King! If you’re a florist, you might feature a silhouette of a beautiful boutique with your name as the focal point within.


Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye. It makes your logo feel complete and all encompassing. The Chanel logo is one that comes to mind immediately; the minimalist and symmetrical design is widely identifiable in the fashion industry. Many logos are designed in such a way for that reason. Many companies favor using reflective and rotational symmetry as consumers perceive these types of signs as more attractive and preferable.

Brand Personality

Perhaps the most important feature to consider is the personality you want to represent through your logo and branding. While a symmetrical logo may be effective, this might not be the best representation of your brands personality, so you may opt for an asymmetrical logo. For engineering or trade companies, you might choose one or two simple colors that best suit your brands aesthetic.

Companies like Google or eBay, who identify as modern tech companies, include many different bright and vibrant colors in their logo. Also, the type of font and features speak to the personality of your brand. For example, a blackletter font is full of edge and character, reminiscent of an old-style bar or brewery, even a tattoo parlor. A modern serif font is appropriate for a contemporary business company who simply want to sell their name.


If you are having trouble thinking of a logo idea on your own, and you’re in need of an effective team building exercise, this is a great opportunity to get your team involved and make them feel valued! Everyone thinks differently, and you would be surprised what kind of ideas your colleagues can come up with. This will allow you to build a supportive team environment with your employees. They will also feel like they have been a huge help in your decision in creating a logo, and be more inclined to show pride in the face of their company. So, go ahead and hold that fun company meeting with everyone over a cup of coffee, have everyone brainstorm some ideas, and return in a week to come up with the final design!

Logos that are original and simple, combined with a great business brand and identity, hold the most recognition and longevity. There are many options for designing your logo, or even hiring someone to design it for you. If you plan on hiring someone, having a very specific idea in mind will make it easier for them to create. It might help to give multiple options and leave it up to the graphic designer or artist, they could come back with something completely unique that you may fall in love with.

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, you can crowdsource the job by starting a logo design contest. The beauty of this approach is, rather than having one agency coming up with an idea, you can have hundreds of professional designers creating a logo specific to your business and brand. It’s really interesting to see the ideas that are submitted and how your brand is interpreted. When the contest is over you simply choose your favorite.

Whatever you choose, the perfect business logo will represent you well, won’t go out of fashion and is memorable!