By Alex Kutler

Promoting your products or services allows you to let your target customers know about your offerings. In the present era of cut-throat competition, you just can’t sit back and relax while your competitors surge ahead. You have to beat the competition or at least, stay in the game and compete if you want your business to survive and eventually grow. To make this happen, you can promote your offerings using some low-cost marketing tactics. And you don’t have to do everything online. Here are some offline marketing tactics that will help you to promote your products/business without creating a hole in your pocket.

1. Create Giveaways or Freebies

People love brands that offer things that may be useful for them. You can give away freebies that they might love wearing, or something to use in their daily lives. A logo on such an item will make your presence felt, and it will remind them about you.

If you want your customers to not only know about your brand, but also let others know about the same, consider promoting your brand on apparel. For instance, you can place an embroidered logo of your brand on t-shirts, caps, sweat-shirts or even eco-friendly bags.

2. Organize Events

People trust brands that reach out to people. Exhibiting all your products in one place, will help your customers know you better. They can take a look at everything you offer. In addition, people trust factory outlets more than retailers. Retailers will help you take your products far and wide. But, factory outlets are stores that offer trusted products at reasonable rates.

3. Use Newspapers or Magazines

Today, when the Internet has spread far and wide, there are still a few who peep into magazines and newspapers to know about the happenings in their locality and surroundings. Why not make use of this platform to reach out to them.

Announce special offers and give away coupons in such newspapers. People often flock to stores when they receive free coupons for a limited period of time. Newspapers can also be used as a great medium to announce the opening of a branch or a retail store in a locality. Making people aware that you will now be present in a location close to theirs will make them happy.

4. Elevate Quality of Products and Services

You may not be able to count this as a direct marketing method, but providing the best products and services will encourage customers speak all good about you. After all, word of mouth has more value than your promises or any other marketing strategy. Give your best to customers and they will get more to you.

It is not always necessary for one to promote everything online; a solid offline strategy — using the tactics outlined here — helps as well. Why not give it a try?