By Kyle Courtright

We’ve all seen them. The tiny, dark and ugly office cubicles that are completely uninspiring and boring. We secretly envy the beautiful offices seen on TV, and in magazines.

Do you ever wonder if you would be more productive if you had an amazing office space? A space that made you sit up a little straighter and work a little harder? I’m here to tell you that having a functional and aesthetically pleasing office space will boost your mood, productivity and contentedness at the office.

Here are 6 tips for creating a space that’s functional and inspiring.

1. Get Organized

There’s a reason that organization is first on the list. Without organization a space can be cumbersome and frustrating. So start by organizing your space.

Get rid of clutter. Throw away trash that’s been sitting in a pile on your desk for six months. Go shopping and buy a pen holder, a desk organizer and any other organizational tools you think you may need. Just by decluttering and organizing you will greatly increase your satisfaction with your work space. Don’t stop here though!

2. Go Green.

Feeling caged? Bring in some greenery! Maybe a small plant (think low maintenance and black thumb friendly…succulents, anyone?) or a vase with some fresh flowers. Bring the outside in. It’s amazing how much a couple of plants and some greenery can brighten up a space and make it instantly feel more airy and less…well, cagey.

3. Get Motivated

What motivates you? Many people would say their family. So get a few frames, print out some pictures and put them in your office! Hitting a mid day slump? Pictures of your family will remind you why you work so hard and will make you smile. Add a couple of pictures of friends and pets while you’re at it!

4. Get Inspired

Have a favorite quote? Author? Speech? Try searching for inspirational quotes that you would like up in your office. If you have decent Photoshop skills you could make something yourself. If not? No worries, check out Etsy. There are so many affordable prints that would liven up any space.

5. Change Your Background

Come on, guys. It’s 2015. Let’s get rid of the generic backgrounds and screen savers on our computers. Find a picture of your favorite place to visit, or of your best friends, your pets, or your family. Change up your background frequently to keep it fresh.

6. Add Variety

Looking for more fun ideas? Try Pinterest for some cool and unique ideas. Change things up frequently. Find things that inspire you and add them to your office!

I hope this list helps you create an office space that inspires and increases productivity. Having an organized and bright space can make such a big difference in day to day happenings at work. You spend 40 hours a week at work, you might as well make it a space that you are happy to spend time in!

Have other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!