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      Previous Issues of the Bonfire Field Guide

      BFG #10: How to Brief & Write a Blog Post

      What You’ll Learn:

      • My blog briefing process
      • How I include E-E-A-T signals in my blog posts. 
      • How to write a SPEAR introduction. 
      • The importance of authorship. 

      Bonus: Screenshots from around my site!

        BFG #09: How to Get More Email Subscribers

        What You’ll Learn:

        • How I use social to get more email subscribers 
        • How I use content marketing to get more email subscribers 
        • How I build out my lead magnets for email subs 
        • How I build out my newsletter page

        Bonus: Screenshots from around my site!

          BFG #08: Crafting an Engaging Newsletter

          What You’ll Learn:

          • How to create a catchy email title/subject line 
          • My process for quickly writing email newsletters
          • How I come up with my email newsletter ideas
          • How I research my email newsletters

          Bonus: My email newsletter template. 

            BFG #07: My System for Generating Profit

            What You’ll Learn:

            • My tweaked Profit First system 
            • How to reduce financial stress as a business owner 
            • How to establish a sustainable profit system for your business 
            • How to easily create a financial safety net in case of emergencies

            Bonus: My personal story of using Profit First!

              BFG #06: Business Budgeting

              What You’ll Learn:

              • Why a business budget is essential to SMB success 
              • How to structure a business budget 
              • The software/tools you need to create an effective budget 
              • How I spend a few hours a month grasping my finances 

              Bonus Download: My Business Budget Template 

                BFG #05: My Take on Time Blocking

                What You’ll Learn:

                • How I get more done in 12 weeks than you do in a year 
                • How time blocking works 
                • How I combine time blocking with the twelve week year 
                • My tools I use for setting up my weekly checklist and schedule. 

                Bonus: A sneak peak at my weekly calendar.  

                  BFG #04: How I Write 350,000 Words a Month

                  What You’ll Learn:

                  • How to Build a Topical Keyword Map 
                  • How to Make an Awesome Content Brief 
                  • How to Leverage AI (The Right Way)
                  • The Ways of Interlinking 

                  Bonus Download: Free Google Sheet Topical Map 

                    BFG #03: Local SEO Guide from an SEO Agency Owner

                    What You’ll Learn:

                    • E-E-A-T and Its Effect On Your Site
                    • My Video First Approach to Content 
                    • NAP Listing. What the Hell Are They?
                    • Introduction to Topical Authority 

                    Bonus Download: Free Google Doc E-E-A-T Checklist

                      BFG #02: Your Hiring Process Sucks, Let's Fix That

                      What You’ll Learn:

                      • What the Hell is a Position Agreement? 
                      • Finding the Best Candidates 
                      • My Interview Process
                      • Can You Trail an Employee?

                      Bonus Download: Free Google Doc Position Agreement 

                        BFG #01: The Most Underrated Automation Tool: SOPs

                        What You’ll Learn:

                        • The Power of Standard Operating Procedures 
                        • How I Use SOPs and Examples 
                        • How to Create SOPs (The Cheap Way)
                        • My SOP Tech Stack  

                        Bonus Download: Free Google Doc SOP Template