In this digital world, people are doing everything online — watching videos, playing games, using various apps, shopping.  Hence, small businesses must realize a need for mobile advertising to survive; it’s no longer an alternative to overlooking the place of mobile in attaining customers. We can’t deny that mobile devices, mobile web, and mobile marketing are the pressing priorities. 

Being interactive, engaging, and AI-powered, mobile advertising is gaining immense importance for startups as well as small businesses. In the US, 70 % of the total digital media time is spent on smartphones (Comscore, 2019). This statistic suggests that the rate of mobile advertising will grow potentially in the coming years.

Mobile advertising is e a key player in the growth of start-ups. For start-ups having limited finances, to be successful, to do better marketing, to reach to the customers, and to build up revenue, mobile advertising has a lot to offer.

There are several reasons that suggest why mobile advertising is very essential for start-ups.

1. One of the Best Modes of Digital Advertising

Three and a half billion of the world population use mobile phones with maximum counting of internet usage. According to the latest findings, 69% of internet users explore reviews on their phones rather than going for an in-store employee. And the number of people using shopping apps, looking for digital ads, using voice search and more is skyrocketing. 

So, mobile advertising should be considered as the best and foremost mode of advertising by start-up so that they can attain the maximum number of audience.

2. Allows You to Connect with Custome to Understand them Better 

Twitter campaigns, post sharing on social media, and webinars are very helpful for engaging with the client directly. Facebook and Instagram are also getting well-liked advertising platforms for small businesses and new start-ups. 

For customers to have a personal, one-on-one relationship with the company, digital marketing is a great platform. This connection is ready to lend a hand for startups to uphold their clients and deliver their desired products. All these lead to a better understanding between the brand and the consumer; the needs of the customers are understood in order to provide them with superior options. 

Additionally, social media campaigns and short post-mobile videos are useful to drive traffic to the company’s website and promote new offerings. 

3. Cost-Effective When Combined with a Well-Optimized Website 

Most often, start-ups have limited finances due to which spending on traditional marketing such as TV advertising or direct mail is not affordable to them. 

On the other hand, mobile advertising offers a cost-effective way to work out advertising related concerns and reach more potential buyers. However, start-ups won’t be able to optimize their conversion rate if their website is not well-optimized and is not mobile-friendly. 

E.g. call-to-action or sign-up button has to be at the appropriate place for a user to click and proceed further. This will surely make mobile advertising affordable and give a quick conversion to the start-ups. 

4. SMS Marketing Is Powerful

By using text messaging platforms, companies can reach all opted-in mobile users. Sales, offers, product launches, delivery updates, promotional messages, appointment reminders, and new lines are a few types of marketing messages about which start-ups and small businesses can keep their consumers updated. 

This is an ideal and powerful way of digital communication with customers; there are more chances of getting perceived by them as compared to other forms of mobile advertising. 

5. Ability to Create Mobile Apps for Brand Promotion 

For in-detail personalization, consumer engagement, data insights, and promotion of the business, mobile applications act as a pillar for any start-up. If your customer installs your company’s application in his/her mobile phone then it will ultimately build up a relation between your brand. The user and hence many start-ups develop mobile apps as it provides a direct means of an instant conversion. 

Such apps help to know loyal customers who will continue the connection with your company. As mobile apps enhance conversions and better customer experience, start-ups and businesses need a mobile app in the digital ecosystem.

6. Mobile Ad Pop-Ups Get Users’ Attention

To build a brand presence in digital space and mobile space, where the brand can speak about its products, new features, or its USP, mobile ad pop-ups can help a lot to start-ups. Several start-ups prefer to advertise their brand through ad pop-ups on various mobile applications. Though you can endorse through mobile ads where the mobile app would be the platform for ad postings, make sure you don’t overdo it as it may harm the user experience.

7. Mobile Optimization Strategy for a Mobile-Friendly Website 

Mobile search has gained more importance than desktop searches due to which Google changed their ranking algorithms. So, make sure that your website is designed by keeping in mind mobile devices. The websites which are not mobile-friendly won’t rank high in the search engines. 

For the same, businesses must design websites in such a way that it is easy to view, read, click, and navigate using a mobile device. The website should be responsive for a smooth, excellent, and seamless user experience.

8. User Reviews and Rating on App Store

If you have good consumer ratings and reviews, the rate of download of your applications increases. Consumers firstly compare the rating of different apps before downloading them. So, creating a good review of your brand’s application is very essential to your brand in mobile advertising. With good consumer ratings, you can win the competition even if you are a start-up. 

It is now quite apparent that mobile marketing is a cost-effective, customized, and beneficial way of digital marketing. For a start-up or small business, all the above points are critical when it comes to building an effective mobile marketing strategy that will extend your reach to success. Make sure that mobile marketing is a core part of the business strategy of your startup from the beginning only.

Mobile advertising is a promising opportunity for small businesses. It offers the ability to reach out to new customers, build up leads, convert leads into sales, and to be successful.