By Jared Cornell

Despite numerous statistics showing the benefits live chat offers, many are still in doubt as to whether they should incorporate this powerful feature on their websites. However, when it comes to succeeding in business and having an impact on the market, live chat for websites is an essential tool which takes organizations precisely to that level.

The reality is that we live in the age of technology and we must use it in order to improve every aspect of our lives. Of course, this includes work as well, since digital assets contribute by reducing time, mistakes, and overall expenses. The same advantages come when talking about live chat, as this software directly influences conversion rates, the reputation of a brand, and more importantly, customer satisfaction.

Taking the lead among other software solutions, live chat has a 92% customer satisfaction rate which is more than phone or email customer support provides. Plus, between the three, live chat is the most economical choice. In addition, those ready to implement live chat on a website can rapidly experience visible results. So, let’s take a look at what this little assistant can do for your blog site.

1. Convenient Customer Communication Tool

Did you know that 44% of people agree that live chat is the most important factor on any website? Consumers love to have immediate access to online solutions regarding their online shopping and issues with a business. While making an online purchase, 88% of customers need live assistance to make a choice.

Let’s take emails for example and how long it takes for a person to get an answer. According to Forrester Research, 41% of customers expect a response within six hours. And how many companies actually manage to respond in the given time period? Only 36% of retailers while 14% do not respond at all.

Now compare the angry clientele with those expressing their concerns via live chat. They get the answer they are looking for within minutes whereas businesses efficiently close inquiries and permanently resolve all issues in real-time.

No matter how beautifully the website is designed, people need to trust the organization they want to invest in. For that reason, live chat provides safety no other channel can. By encouraging customers online, the brand builds trust and reputation, which opens the door for further recommendations.

2. Profitability and Savings

As already mentioned, live chat for websites is the most cost-effective solution. Having said that, web chat is 17%-30% cheaper than a phone call.  Furthermore, it helps to prevent problems with call quality, meaning it is less risky to have live chat than poor quality customer support calls.

Staying on that note, people who usually call or contact support have similar issues with the product or service. These situations cost the business a lot of resources and avoidable expenses and live chat can reduce and put a stop to all of those difficulties. But how can this be? Simply because every conversation transcript is easily accessible for gaining “universal remedies,” if you will, and fixing problems.

So far, the budget is very much saved from even reaching the expected limits, still, wouldn’t it be great to see an increase in revenue? A piece of cake when you have live chat by your side. While being there for customers 24X7 and assisting their online shopping spree, the business can considerably increase revenue. Customers who chat are 3 times more likely to buy, therefore live chat on your website can lead to a conversion rate of at least 20%.

3. Free Market Research

Remember those chat transcripts? Well, an additional perk of welcoming live chat with both arms open is that you get to perform free market research. With so many people chatting on a daily basis, organizations can discover common human patterns, their likes and dislikes. Armed with knowledge, the business can detect necessary changes in their products or services, to enhance the customer experience and lure in more potential clients.

Also, getting in the mind of the masses will prevent customer recalls and dealing with unresolved complaints. Having all of the responses ready in real-time will prevent any misunderstandings and make the business feel more professional and respectful towards their consumers. Moreover, all of this can lead to discovering lucrative market opportunities no one has thought of yet.

4. Becoming a Strong Competitor

Without a live chat, the organization is merely a stone in a pond of competitive big fishes. But what can happen during live chat revision? Managers can discover the weak points of their rivals and use that to gain a competitive edge.

As live chat provides greater insight into people’s behavior, it also gives a sneak peek into the strong enterprises and their secrets to staying on top. Apart from their common achievements and market triumphs, it also reveals their flaws and what they are lacking. This is powerful information which can be used to turn things around and make an ordinary business into a force not to be reckoned with.

Live chat is the future of customer service and following trends is the number one business lesson. Being ahead of time is recognizing lucrative opportunities when everybody else seems to overlook them. Still, it is widely known today how much live chat for websites matters and that people are already using the multiple benefits it provides. Just take a look at the statistics because numbers don’t lie which is why it is vital to consider implementing the live chat feature as soon as possible.