By Nilam Oswal

A landing page is the face of your website. It is the front desk; the ‘person’ that converts your potential client into a client.

Merely having a web presence is not enough if enthusiastic or curious visitors are not actively prodded to do something or if you are not able to spark their interest or initiative. And that is what lead generation is; making the visitor take action and move to the next level of interaction with you.

Lead generation marketing is the process of combining the call to action, graphics, attractive headings, information snippets and anything that draws them closer to you. The challenge lies in getting all these factors together in the right mix and in the right manner, so that you are able to get maximum visitors turning into your clients or at least consider you as a potent option for their future project.

Almost every company out there has embraced the concept of having a landing page on their website, with some of them adding unique features that make their lead generation stand out. This calls for a much sophisticated and individualistic way of crafting your landing page. Given that sales lead marketing is a partly designing/aesthetics and partly digital marketing, a good lead generation tool can help you get data for analysis and deliver results.

Your landing page for lead tracking should be a compelling combination of:

  • Simple yet impressive aesthetics that will make a good first impression.
  • Colorful, but not too flamboyant or with too many distractions.
  • Text that assures and promises visitors to get their job done.
  • Subtle messaging that appeals your customers.

The Art of the Landing Page: How Success Is Arranged on Pixels

As mentioned above, a good landing page makes the use of aesthetics and digital marketing; one must know how these factors come together and converge to assure you a 50% hit rate with your visitors.

  • Impressive Aesthetics and Design: Your UX team should know the arrangement of colors and shapes that attracts or retains people. With repulsive aesthetics, a visitor may not even bother reading your content in the first place. Using color dark upon dark color scheme has never worked and never will. Also using shapes that do not go with the flow, that is, the color and the nature of your website will make them look totally out of place. Keep it simple and minimalistic, and you can still find some uniqueness in the way you arrange the whole thing.
  • Catchy Headlines: This is where the story proceeds. If you want to catch the fish, the bait has to be good enough. Let us say, if one has a computer repair business, the landing page head text can say “It CAN be fixed” and then an optional sub-heading saying “Computers fixed within two days.” This is the art of creating assurance in the minds of the visitors.
  • Professional-Looking Images: Another subtle trick. When you add images that give off a vibe of being dependable, professional and friendly, you have already won almost half the battle. Why? Because we likely respond to images and aesthetics that let us relate in a better way to what we already have experienced. Adding an image of smiling hardware engineers with working computers in our above example is likely to set off a visitor to think better of us and turn them into clients.
  • Testimonials and Client Logos: This is not a necessity, but the better your landing page is, it contributes in giving an assurance to visitors that your company has already performed well and is established in the craft, hence can be trusted. Remember, do not make the page crowded and cluttered, place the testimonials strategically on the lead page.

These are some basic rules that punctuate the creation strategy of a good landing page. 

Lead Management Software: A Growing Trend

The amount of data generated by the website analysis is mind boggling and is akin to looking through a wall or some opaque surface. But of course, only if the said software is competent enough to do its job right. We have observed, different lead tracking software brings different specs to the table. Here are some of them:

  • A lead management system checks the IP address of the visitors and gives you a geographical perspective to visitor data. This is helpful and especially when you want to target a specific region.
  • Enables your representatives to talk via chat like interface whenever a lead visits your website.
  • Some lead management systems are fused with AIs that send out automated messages with human-like precision to leads that look more promising.

Does Your Lead Management Software Offer These Features?

  • Lead Nurturing: No one likes a pestering caller, but calling you leads good amount of times enough for them to take heed and respond positively.
  • Lead Pointers and Assignment: Every lead is assigned a score or a number and then designated to the right marketing team.
  • Mobile Lead Delivery: Quickly sending a lead to your sales personnel on the move so that they can catch-up with them and get them hooked on.

With several lead management tools encompassing various functions such as sales, CRM, marketing, accounting, service/manufacturing/core, database and others, the data from each of these gets recorded in the system. A good lead management software that enables you to follow these three crucial practices with the help of powerful data gathering capability can spike your visitor to client conversion rate to a significant degree.