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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks (it has over 500 million active users every day); it provides many opportunities for developing a business. It is not a secret that Instagram is a completely visual social media intended to share your photos and videos to your subscribers – customers, family, friends. So one of the critical points in promoting a business account on Instagram is high-quality content. Instagram videos appear to be the best content type for brands as they can represent your products in an easy and spectacular way. Video content attracts attention, makes people spend more time watching videos, and gets more interactions than images.

However, to succeed on Instagram, it is not merely enough to upload a video. Video content marketing requires attention to details as well as other marketing tools. In this article, we have collected a few hints on how to make a video that will get more views and increase the activity in your account.

1. Set a Goal for Each Video

The length limit for an Instagram video is 60 seconds. Within this minute, you need to express one idea or push your subscribers to one particular action. There should be a completed thought in each of your videos. To make it easier, you can make a video content plan which can include some of these types of content:

  • An informative video where you introduce your product and let your subscribers learn more
  • A video announcing some events or discounts
  • A how-to video
  • Video reviews from your customers
  • A video advertising your website

These content types work if you prefer to make a slideshow instead of a video as well. The main point is – to keep in mind the idea and to fit it into 60 seconds.

2. Catch Your Viewers’ Attention

The truth is that attention spans for Instagram posts are extremely short, and people decide whether they are interested in content in a few seconds. So you need to catch your audience’s attention and make people watch your video to the end. Since the time for a video is limited, you need to create a dynamic beginning for a video, which would also be attractive. You can start with an eye-catching frame or with a frame with text, which would be a good idea since videos on Instagram are muted by default. At the same time, you should not overload your videos with text; otherwise, they can become too hard to digest.

3. Pay Attention to Shooting the Footage

If you aim to make high-quality content, it is important to use good footage. For the best result, you can use a Full HD camera, a microphone, and studio lights, but most modern smartphones also suffice. If you use your phone, you can use a tripod to avoid shaking of a video. If you do not use studio lights, use sources of natural light such as windows. The source of light should be in front of you and shine towards you.

4. Use Video Editing Software

To make your videos more exciting and attractive, you can use the software for editing videos; you can choose an online video editor or a desktop program like Fastreel video editor. Such programs allow you to cut a video, merge several videos, change the video speed, compress a video, add transitions, stickers, and other effects. To edit a video, you can use such online software as Online Video Cropper, WeVideo, or Clipchamp. Each of these programs can also be used as a cropper if you need to change your video’s size or aspect ratio.

5.Cultivate Your Creativity

To generate new ideas for your videos, you should be very attentive to everything that is happening in the world around you. Observe the events in the sphere you work in and react to them in your videos. Learn from other bloggers and brands, analyze their content, and explore how it works for your target audience. Take stories from your life and create new plots using your personal experience. It would be best if you kept your audience always interested in the content you produce and the best way to do it is to be passionate about what you are doing yourself.

Using these tips, you will improve the quality of your Instagram videos, create brand awareness, raise activity, and increase sales. Remember that both the technical and the emotional components matter. You need not only to create a beautiful and attractive video but also to interact with your audience, listen to their opinions and produce content that will be useful for them.