By Brandon Stanley

If you promote your business through email marketing, you have probably encountered this problem a lot of times: readers just don’t click. Trying to get your click-through rate up is painful, and it takes patience. As marketers, we all know that. But you must take serious action if you want more visitors, and invest both money and time into it. Here are some hacks to increase email click-through rate that you can use on your next email marketing campaign.

1. Be Persistent

If you are not persistent in how and when you send email messages, you are not going to get anywhere. Consistency is vital in email marketing. People must be aware of your offers and deals, and the best way to send them the details is through email. Of course, you must know when is the right time to send them out. You can’t expect them to read your offers at 2:00 a.m. on a work day, or 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday. Pick your days and hours strategically.

Try to send all of your emails at a certain time each day or a certain day each week. Even if your clients are not aware of the consistency of timing, they will get used to an unconscious routine of reading your messages, and that will increase your click-through rate.

2. Make it Efficient

Sending out a disorganized email is such a bummer. Nobody likes reading haphazard articles or long texts. That is why you need to keep your writing S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Meaningful, Adaptable, Relevant, and Thrilling. Clients will enjoy reading a well-written email that contains enough relevant information to keep them interested, yet not too many annoying offers to bore them.

3. Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback is such an important factor when it comes to email marketing. You must know how frequent your subscribers want to receive emails. There is no shame in finding that out — you just have to ask them. Send out a survey, and analyze the data received. It will make your job easier, and you will always keep your clients satisfied.

4. Know Your Target

Before sending out emails, you should figure out who you write for. Who is your audience? What are your clients interested in? What do they not like at all? You need to ask yourself all of the above questions, think about the responses, and then come up with the perfect content. You must understand what your customers like and what they dislike, and how likely they are to open specific emails. Map out the perfect plan before you start writing.

5. Make Them Feel Special

If you give out too much info or too many great offers, your clients are not going to feel special anymore. They might think “I have seen other promotional offers like this, and they are not to be trusted.” And they are right. The internet is full of scams, and giving out too many free deals and offers can be a warning sign for customers. So, make them feel special by limiting the content you offer.

6. Give Them Options After They Unsubscribe

If you really can’t get them to stay, give them other options. After they hit unsubscribe, you could ask them “Would you be interested in connecting with us through Facebook or Twitter?” If they respond “no,” ask them for feedback again. If they agree, you are all set. One more client on your social media list.

7. Use Captivating Subject Lines

Using captivating subject lines is crucial. People are attracted to simple, yet interesting titles, so try out different subject lines before sticking to a final one. Try making the subject line a question, or even a powerful statement. Use “how-to” content to attract them. Give them deadlines to buy your product.

8. Give Out Something for Free

Every single customer will be impressed with that “one special offer X company provides.” It is an incentive for them to open your emails and click the attached links. Give out monthly discounts and make them feel special. For instance, your subject line for such an email could be: “Special Offer for You: Deadline February 1.” Simple, clean, informative, essential.

9. Use Click-Triggers

Click-triggers are normal button improvements that make your content more attractive to the eye. They can include low-price messages, star rating, or free shipping incentives. Using the right click-triggers will bring in more customers, as they will click the specific button faster and with more confidence. Make sure you design them properly.

10. Give Them Fewer Options

Research shows that clients who have fewer options are happier. That is because they don’t regret buying a certain product instead of another they also wanted. And guess what? Happiness increases people’s willingness to buy products. Therefore, analyze your page and ask yourself: how many options do your clients have? If there are too many, cut down on their options.