An Instagram story, for a company, is as important as any other advertising campaign that they would place online or on traditional marketing platforms. Since you have to come up with something new each time, it can be quite challenging to create stories that are always beautiful and efficient. Here are a few ideas to help marketing directors or professionals working for themselves.

​Find the right App to create your Stories

Let’s face it: Nobody can do stories better than specialists. That is why there are apps that will help you find more ideas for Instagram story background templates. By using them, you ensure that you are always building stories that look professional, which is the most important factor, today. There are so many young individuals that have grown with social media, and they expect everyone, including companies, to offer them content that always looks perfect.

It is difficult to do so, on a daily basis, for any marketing manager, and even more so to someone who is managing himself and has to create everything alone. Using these apps will raise the level of every story, making the company or the person look their best, while increasing their chances to reach the effect that they were looking for, when creating it.

​Use Only Optimal Material

If you wonder why some posts come out great, while other similar ones don’t, then you need to look at the raw material being used in them. In this day and age, we have come to think that we are all photographers and cinematographers. However, that is not true. There are classes that teach these jobs, and there is a reason why: It is quite technical in the first place. A picture or a video is not only about the subject that you capture, but mostly how you do so. Is the lighting sufficient? Are you catching the person or the object at the right angle? These are but a few questions that someone has to ask himself, when taking pictures, especially if it is meant to go on a social media, later on.

A video is even more difficult. If the sound is not good, you can be assured that the moment people start listening, they will shut it down after only a few seconds. Therefore, make sure that the base material you use is just as perfect as can be.

Plan your Stories in Advance

Too many people still think that best way to go, in regards to stories, is to prepare them on the spur of the moment. The truth is that it is the most dangerous way to go about it. In your head, it may make a lot of sense, but for your followers to catch on your state of mind, might not be so obvious.

Intention and delivery are two very different elements inside marketing. The only way to make sure that both are going in the same direction, is to plan them in advance. By having all thematic written down and scheduled, it will create a logical delivery, which will help your followers continue their journey, understanding what you are saying and where you wish to take them.

​Use as Many Options as Possible in One Story

A picture that followers view for 30 seconds, without anything else to give life to it, will not leave a good memory in their mind. In fact, a single image is being taken in someone’s mind, within a few seconds. The rest of the time that the picture remains there, on the screen, is just a waste of time for the viewer. Time is important to everyone, but it is particularly true to internet users.

There are so many diverse possibilities when it comes to spending time inside the World Wide Web. Therefore, you have to ask yourself why would someone spend theirs looking at your story. In many cases, the answer will be: Because it entertains them. In other words, if you can’t catch their attention through something unique, like cool music or a great video, it is probable that they won’t want to waste more time on your posts, next time you create new stories.

​Learn from Others

No one is asking you to recreate the wheel, when you prepare an online post. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If you were to take a communication course, the first thing they would teach you, is that you need to look for common grounds, when you create advertising. Something that everyone will be able to relate to and understand. If you start looking for ways to renew the genre, your posts will probably end-up being uninteresting to most internet users.

Take the time to look at what works online. Search for posts that have thousands of likes. Once you have seen enough, try to imitate those that seem closer to your vision. That way, you can’t go wrong.