Instagram is the real deal when it comes to creativity and boosting brand awareness. It’s a tool that allows brands to target their visual marketing strategy and obtain a loyal audience that will grow exponentially with the growth of the business. 

More than 500 million users browse Instagram daily, making it one of the most engaged platforms worldwide. Instagram followers are an indicator of how successful your profile is. The audience appreciates profiles that offer value and that they can resonate with.

In this guide, we’ll analyze some easy steps on how to get more Instagram followers and increase engagement. Check out the guide to learn more.

1) Have a Consistent Theme

Getting real Instagram followers can be daunting. Most of the followers want to know what you are posting about before they click the “Follow” button. You need to have a consistent feed and a regular posting schedule to grow your audience exponentially.

Make sure your videos are entertaining, fun, and memorable, and most of all, communicate your consistency through colors, adding a bit of personality and layout. The layout of the grid is a creative way to add a rhythm to your publishing strategy and consider the aesthetics.

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2) Post on Different Platforms

Posting on various platforms is also known as cross-promotion. It involves multiple platforms where users post similar content on all of them. It’s a tactic used to save resources, time, and money, while at the same time helping grow the Instagram following.

As an example, we can mention Justin Bieber and his holiday dance video that he posted both on Instagram and TikTok. The video on both platforms received millions of likes and he was able to reach a larger audience by posting on different social media.

And according to Nadya Okamoto, she’s grown her Instagram following as she was becoming famous on TikTok. Nevertheless, TikTok is not the only channel you can do the cross-promotion of content – Instagram reels are a powerful feature that allows you to translate the short videos into Pinterest and YouTube short stories.

3) Use Reels

The newest Instagram feature, the Reels, is a great way to share fun videos with your followers, add audio, effects or create something different and unique. The Reels are shared on the feed publicly where followers can view them.

The beauty partnerships manager of Instagram, Kristie Dash, has stated that the Reels are a new way of publishing content and there is no one equation for success. However, she advises content creators and brands to keep the trend drive and the content unique, identify the latest trends, and make the content simple and relatable.

She advises educating the audience and finding a common ground between entertainment and education.

4) Determine Your Marketing Strategy

If you want your Instagram followers to grow into the thousands, we’d recommend developing a thoughtful marketing strategy to lay the groundwork.

Getting more Instagram followers is the starting point of becoming successful on the platform, as long as you determine the social marketing objectives and determine what you want to accomplish. Whether it’s boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, or driving web traffic, it’s crucial that you stay on the right track and focus on business-oriented goals.

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5) Define Target Audience

When defining the target audience, it should be based on data and research. First of all, you need to identify and create buyer personas – these will be the users who will follow you on Instagram. Think about their demographics – their age, location, gender, etc.

Then, you need to figure out where they are most active. For example, the younger generations use Instagram and TikTok, while the older generations use Facebook. 38% of the Twitter users are in the age group 18-29, while 26% are in the 20-49.

The next step is to look at your competitors and see what they are doing and who is their target audience. What makes them stand out? This way you can identify opportunities to offer something your competitors don’t. Search the groups to see what they are posting about, and what tone of voice they’re using.

6) Use of Hashtags

Social media is all about hashtags and sharing content that goes viral when you use a proper hashtag. Your goal on Instagram is to post engaging, new, and interesting content that will engage your audience.

Hashtags allow users to search easily for specific terms like #mensfashiontips, #topfashionbrands2022, and #summerrecipeideas. Avoid using too generic hashtags like #love, #picoftheday, #summer, and similar.

Create, Create, Create!

In this guide, we talked about easy steps to grow your Instagram following and build a loyal audience. Instagram can be a great way of boosting revenue and raising brand awareness, so what’s most important is to create content. Create regularly and post often!