Dropshipping has become a key income generator for entrepreneurs over the years. While the industry has been on a steady trajectory for the last few years, COVID-19 has propelled growth beyond expectation. Now, two years into the pandemic, companies, and retailers are looking toward growing and scaling their businesses more than business continuity strategies. 

With low costs involved, almost no overheads, and an increase in tools and platforms to streamline operations, dropshipping has massive growth potential. So, with this in mind, we thought we would take a look at the tips and techniques to scale your dropshipping business. We took a look at what other businesses are doing and how you can adjust your strategy to include the latest trends to grow your business. Let’s get stuck straight in. 

Get the Right Partner on Your Side 

Running a business is tough. Not only do you have to consider the operational processes but you also need to deal with supply chain, procurement, customer service, sales, and, of course, marketing. Getting all of these elements streamlined and in sync can be tough for the discerning businessman, and that’s why getting the right partner is key. 

Digital marketing, for example, is a vital department in a company that needs that added attention. Digital marketing is made up of so many sub-elements that you need to get right that we highly recommend you bring someone on board to assist. Luckily, there are a number of great partners out there like Bud, who have mastered each element, and can introduce and run it easily in your business. 

Think about it, digital marketing is made up of SEO, Google Ads, content marketing, social media, marketing strategy planning, and the various conversion tools to manage, monitor, and measure traffic and conversions on our site. If this all sounds Greek to you, or a bit overwhelming, get that partner in! You will thank us. 


Pick the Right Product and the Right Supplier 

Right now, there are billions of products for sale on the web. There are most likely millions of your products for sale too. Even in your area, you will find that there is plenty of healthy competition. So, what makes your product unique? What is your unique selling point? Are you re-branding a product to align with your brand? Is your supplier producing something unique? This is all vital when it comes to marketing your product. 

Let’s consider coffee and coffee products as an example. There are thousands of brands with various offerings out there. So, in order to create a customer base, you need to find a product and a supplier that has unique and quality coffee. Private label coffee dropshipping has become a phenomenon as you can pick great quality suppliers and rebrand it to suit your or your clients’ needs. 

Think about it. If you are supplying to a hotel, retail, or hospitality chain, you can customize the brand specifically for your client and become a sole provider. The trick is to do your due diligence with your suppliers. Focus on quality as well as quantity as you will need that procurement insight on hand when fulfilling orders. 

Spend Time on Your Content Marketing 

We touched on this briefly in a previous point, but let’s unpack it a bit more. Content marketing is going to be one of your strongest tools when it comes to marketing your dropshipping business. Content marketing works in two ways.

First, it increases your SEO ratings. Google will scrape your site and everything associated with your site to understand where to categorize you and where to place you on the search pages. So, if coffee is your game, you will need to have this keyword appearing regularly on your web pages, emails, and social media. If you have a WordPress site, make sure to download a plugin called Yoast. It will greatly simplify your life. 

Content also helps attract visitors and converts them to clients. Your content will need to be informative, educational, simple yet entertaining. Don’t only look at your web pages here. Look at your blog posts, emails, and social campaigns. Are you educating your audience? Not only can you attract new visitors who have found you organically by searching for the relevant keywords, but you establish yourself as a knowledgeable source of information on the topic. 

Think about it, if you are regularly putting out useful information like “How to Choose Your Roast”, or “The Difference Between Coffee Beans”, people searching those kinds of topics will most likely come across your site. When you continually start feeding that into your marketing channels, you will be top of mind, but you will also reattract customers and clients who consider you an expert.

The Bottom Line 

Digital marketing is going to be your biggest ally when it comes to dropshipping. We know, there are tons of elements and parts of digital marketing that you might totally not understand or be able to do yourself. Our key tips are: have a budget for digital marketing. Not only will you want the right partner to help you streamline the process, but you will want to sponsor and pay for content to get your brand seen. Next, try everything out there, as you can never know what is going to work and what isn’t unless you try.