By Susan Guillory

With all the things going on in your small business, writing content for your blog is very, very far down on the list of priorities. And yet, you know the value of good content marketing. You go back and forth about hiring a marketing writer, and you just aren’t sure what to do.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make the decision easier.

1. Is our marketing helping us find new customers?

I’m willing to bet that if you don’t have time to invest in content marketing, the other aspects of your marketing strategy might be suffering too. I’m also willing to wager that you could stand to have more customers. The easiest way to get more business is to amp up your marketing, and content is a large part of the equation.

2. Do I have the time or skill to write content myself?

Some business owners love writing and even have time to do it. The ones I work with? Well, not so much. They realize the time value of hiring someone to take over that task while they focus on other aspects of running their businesses. So don’t let time or lack of experience be your excuse for not having amazing content on your blog.

3. How much are we spending on other marketing endeavors?

And part two of the question: how much are we getting out of that investment? A lot of small business owners think they can’t afford to hire a marketing writer when in fact they’re practically leaking money elsewhere. If you’ve been investing in AdWords and aren’t getting a good enough ROI, that’s an investment you could put into content.

4. Do I have concerns about trusting a third party with our content?

This is an issue you will have to resolve before hiring a writer, because trust needs to be the foundation for that relationship. It is possible for someone outside of your company to dive into understanding your audience and delivering content that appeals to them, so have some faith. You might just be surprised.

5. Do I have time to onboard a writer right now?

While, yes, hiring a writer will save you time in the long run, realize that initially you will need to be very hands-on. You’ll need to have several conversations with her to help her understand your business. You’ll need to send her links of writing that is in line with what you’re looking for. And you’ll need to communicate your expectations. If you’re swamped right now, it might not be the best time to start this partnership. You want it to work out, so you’ve got to be able to commit to the cause.

Hiring a marketing writer can take your marketing efforts to new heights, but you need to ensure that it’s the right decision for your business, and that you’re comfortable with handing the task over.