By Tiffany Warwood

There is loads of information out there on goal setting and most of the priority is on how much sleep we get and when, what we eat, exercising and all that. Don’t get me wrong, those things are very valuable but let’s look at some equally valuable and simple goals that aren’t emphasized as much as the list above. These goal setting tips will bring immeasurably grand results.

Put First Things First

What messages do you send yourself every day? Think of what you verbally tell yourself. If a psychiatrist could hear what most people say to themselves, we’d all be committed! Aside from self-imposed verbal abuse, what messages are your music, reading and tv selection channeling to your mind? Get real and become very aware of these messages constantly streaming because they affect every thought you have, move you make and word you say.

A few years ago, I decided my thoughts needed an overhaul and a short, sweet and simple book was recommended to me. It’s called, “As A Man Thinketh.” Of all the self-improvement material I’ve consumed over the years, this one has had the greatest impact. I bought the audio version and played it every morning for a month while I did my hair and makeup. The length of time and repetition was done in an effort to condition myself toward better thinking. Boy, did it work! I’ll never forget that time in my life. I developed a real sense of confidence, happiness and self-control like I’d never had before. It changed my life and from then on, whenever I felt like I deserved a refresher course, the repetition began again. I may have that book memorized, BUT as I have continued to listen to it every now and then throughout the years, something new jumps out at me that pertains to things in my life at that moment.

The fact is that if you ever want to get good at the sleeping, eating and exercising stuff, you’ve got to get your head in the game because it’s been sitting on the sidelines, exhausted at only the idea of doing all of those things COMBINED… like… at the same time!! Listen folks, if not “As A Man Thinketh,” then pick anything else that’s going to tame your mind because that my friends, is the FIRST step toward success at accomplishing your goals and grand results.

Put On Your Game Face

Ok, now that we’ve got mind games out of the way, let’s get to the rest of the equally valuable list of goal making to do’s. Put your game face on and uhhh… do the hair and put the suit/dress/show-stopping outfit on while you’re at it. Don’t do it for anyone else. I repeat, DON’T do it for anyone else. Do it for you because you feel good when you put yourself together. I have a friend that although he works from home, he showers and dresses up every day and goes to his home ‘office’ to work. He feels that his dress affects his attitude and work ethic throughout the day. This is a game we play with ourselves. (Ok, so maybe we’re still working through some mind games!) If we roll out of bed and operate in our sweats with greasy hair all day, then we’ll feel like a hot mess which reflects itself on what we do and how we do it. All. Day. Long.

Love Yourself

Next item of business. Love yourself. It’s an understatement to suggest that life is simply fast paced. Take no less than 20 minutes a day to love yourself in whatever way that looks like for you. Why? Taking some time out for yourself to slow down and check out of the crazy world we live in today gives you an opportunity to self-evaluate. How does your body feel? Strong? Tired? Weak? How does your mind feel? Happy? Overworked? Overstimulated? Then based on your self-evaluation, that will determine how the next 20+ minutes are spent serving your own needs for a change. I promise, your mind and body will feel much more capable, healthy and strong if it’s a priority to love yourself the way you deserve to be loved by the most important person in your world, you. You’ve only got one vessel for this journey of life. It’s time to stop running on fumes and fill ‘er up!

Love Your People

I saved the best for last because its what means the absolute most in my world. Love your people. Life is way too short and fragile to waste all of our time caught up in the rat race of life. Take it from someone whose life took a terrible and unexpected turn right after I said “I do”. A health crisis struck and has plagued my sweetheart and I for years. My experiences have taught me to truly appreciate the little things because in the end, the biggest and most wonderful aspects of life are made up of all those sweet and precious little things. Notice them, express gratitude for them and your life will be lived with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Its true happiness that is not fleeting. Now that, my friend, is a grand result.