By Mara J

This post is brought to you by Invoice Home, an online invoicing tool for small businesses.

In business, there are many different areas: finance, accounting, marketing, etc. For a small business owner, all these areas could rely just on you or your small team. This can be overwhelming as each area seems to be completely different from each other.

Most would find marketing the interesting side of business — the colors and attracting customers — which is portrayed through the TV show, Mad Men, with a room of people discussing ideas to promote the product or company. This can also be seen with American football’s Super Bowl and how more and more people await to see the commercials during the game versus the actual game itself leading to a lot of social media news.

Often, finance is pushed aside for its more glamorous relatives. Not that finance isn’t interesting, but let’s face it, money is not an easy topic to discuss. Even entrepreneurs tend to keep accounting and billing until the end. And when we think of finance, we think of a room of people clicking away on their calculators and computers. Not really the same image, right?

But what if we told you that billing can just be as fun as marketing? That your finances and marketing actually can be more related than you ever would have thought? Of course you need a marketing budget, but besides that, the lines are often blurred between these different areas of small business – and that’s great! The two are meant to be friends.

Invoice Home provides this friendship between marketing and finance through its numerous invoice templates. Colors range from black to red to green and many designs under each color. In fact, there are over 100 invoice templates at your fingertips!

invoice home

This way, your invoices can still be promoting your business. If you are patriotic, what about your nation’s flag? If you love celebrating the holidays, how about some snowflakes? Not only will it make your business stand out, but that particular invoice will as well. Your customers won’t be able to miss it in their to-do pile: a constant reminder that they need to pay.

Along with the many styles available, Invoice Home also provides a variety of logos you can choose from. They are listed under people (actor, baker, etc.), or job types (dentist, child care, etc.), or clipart (coffee, person’s silhouette, music notes, etc.). If you have your own logo, you are more than welcome to upload it to the system.

invoice home

And just like the Super Bowl, your customers will be awaiting your next invoice to see the new designs you have selected.

There is no need to maintain the idea that finances and marketing need to be in the different rooms. In fact, they work great together and should be in the same room. Have the calculators and the bright colors working together. Make the business sections work for you, because as an entrepreneur, the two together makes your workload lighter, brighter, and a lot more fun.

Be sure to check out the variety of colors, templates, and logos at Invoice Home, where marketing and finance are brought together to make your business shine.