By Laura Butler

Based on the data by Flex Jobs, growth in job trends that offer flexible and remote work options is expected to take over the job market in 2020. Around 66% of the employees working in the US companies have reported working remotely the majority of their time. Besides, it is estimated that the remote work pay will be analogous to the permanent or fixed location pay by 2025. According to Flex Jobs, job trends on the back of remote work, flexible timing, part-time schedule or even freelance work are expected to grow by 23% in the coming years.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world when many businesses are closing or switch to remote operations, working from home with flexible hours has become especially relevant. Once the coronavirus pandemic has passed, many businesses can be expected to continue the practice of remote working.

The following are a few of the fastest-growing job trends that offer flexible and remote work options.

1. Blogging

With the growth in the rate of internet penetration, especially in developing countries like India, blogging has become a sensation and a lucrative career in the recent few years. Apart from video blogging, writing blogs has also become an easy remote earning option to mint money through exemplary and articulate writing skills.

The United States is expected to create more than 30 million bloggers by the end of the year 2020. Various people have switched their full-time careers to blog. Blogging has emerged as a highly demanded remote job, wherein you can earn lucratively if you’re able to write good material. The income generated from blogging is based on your niche writing and traffic on the website.

2. Remote Marketing Jobs

Various companies across the world outsource the job of designing emails and advertising work to remote email marketers. The role encompasses an email marketer to email databases, manage and build a list of subscribers, manage advertising campaigns to improve the local and global of the company as much as possible. Many people have switched to email marketing jobs to work part-time or even full-time positions, remotely. Besides, many leading projects and freelance companies have witnessed a surge in email marketing related projects and jobs in the recent few years.

3. Surveying

The surveying jobs have taken the world of remote and flexible jobs by storm. With free time and a laptop or a phone, one can generate a handsome amount of income by simply filling the surveys remotely at the leisure of his/her home. The survey job requires you to simply answer or share your perception related to a product or a service in an honest manner. People across the globe have started to use the online survey jobs to generate handsome income and even made it as a remote working career. There are various websites online that offer various online survey polls and in return pay you money, gift cards or vouchers.

4. Designing

Designers, nowadays, are more interested in remote projects and jobs for web-based designing. Designing is one of the most legitimate and lucrative remote works in the current world. The realm of designing is filled with a variety of remote jobs including UX and UI, Word Press website designing, graphic designing, among others.

5. Market Research and Data Entry Work

Market research and data entry work are perhaps one of the oldest remote and flexible jobs on the list. There are a plethora of online projects and remote jobs for market researchers and data entry experts online. Various data entry operators and market researchers prefer to work remotely as it provides them flexible timing and handsome pay compared to similar regular work. Going forward, 2020 is expected to bring unprecedented growth in online data entry and market research work. Various big shot companies use the expertise of data entry operators to maintain inventory, track shipments and even plan for prospective business opportunities.

6. Teaching

Online teaching has become a common remote job in recent years. With the growth in internet penetration, various teachers in developed countries like the UK and the US have resorted to online teaching as a mean of generating income. A whole new and unexplored world of teaching opportunities have opened for part-time and flexible teachers around the world. In addition to teaching, remote teachers, professors, and experts are required by schools and colleges for online tutoring, the building of curriculum, courses, among other similar activities.

7. Statistics and Machine Learning

With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in almost all spheres of life, the projects and remote job opportunities have grown significantly for statisticians and machine learners. Companies are looking for experienced and well-versed statisticians to develop and work machine learning techniques, irrespective of the location of the statistician. The work of a statistician ranges from application of theories and methods to critically solve practical and real-world issues by statistical modeling and machine learning techniques. Besides, Statisticians are experts in designing survey questionnaires, opinion polls, among others. The projected growth in the job sector is expected to touch 31% in the coming years and the median salary is around USD 87,780.

8. Mathematicians

Similar to the statisticians, mathematicians have also witnessed a growth in maths and related projects. The job of a mathematician ranges from analyzing data, applying mathematical techniques to real-world issues in engineering, business, and other domains. As per Flex Jobs, the growth in mathematics-related jobs is expected to touch 26%, with a median salary of around USD 101,900.

9. Software and Applications Development

With the growth in coding related courses, software and applications remote development jobs have witnessed an upsurge. Software developers are the real creative minds that give life to computer programs and applications. The development job ranges from creating new apps and software, developing existing apps and software, among other processes. The application and software development sector are expected to grow by 26% in the coming years. Moreover, the median salary of a software and application developer hovers around USD 103,620, according to Flex Jobs.

10. Social Media Management

Social media management is perhaps of the newest members of the list. The sector has grown significantly in the recent few years. All companies, whether large or small, are looking to improve their social media presence and constantly looking out for effective and expert social media managers across the world. Social media management can be easily conducted remotely as duties include strategies to improve user engagement, creating posts, making replies, answering queries, among others.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos