By Jennifer Warren

A small business owner often juggles multiple tasks at once, which sometimes creates unnecessary stress and a complete mess. One of the most common difficulties an entrepreneur experiences is managing the financial part of business ownership. A business owner has to keep track of expenses, income, sending out invoices, weekly payroll, filing taxes, etc., which can be extremely challenging.

Today, small business owners are lucky becuase there are a number of mobile apps developed for every single business need. Every entrepreneur can save precious time and money by downloading apps that help manage business finances and actually make accounting enjoyable.

Here are six finance management apps you should try.

1. QuickBooks

This is an app designed to help small businesses manage payroll, inventory, sales, receipts, invoices, estimates and other needs. QuickBooks also includes features like marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions, etc. If you visit a customer you can create estimate or invoice through the same app. Small business owners or any person who handles the finances and accounting for the company will find this app invaluable.

2. FreshBooks

This is cloud accounting software specially designed for the service providers, small businesses and freelancers. FreshBooks assists you with tracking time, tracking expenses, creating invoices, and designing estimates. This app even tracks down client payments, provides reports, sends follow up emails, as well as allowing your team members and clients to log in.

3. Oracle Business Approvals for Managers

This is an amazing app for managers who handle small business finances. The application allows managers to evaluate pending EBS approvals, approve or reject pending request, request more information, review human resources vacancies, view purchase order requisitions, etc. Managers can review all these things while on the go.

4. Shoeboxed

This app helps you manage business expenses, business cards, receipts and other documents. Shoeboxed is great as it transforms important papers into organized digital data. It will also works as a life-saver at tax time because all of your receipts are stored in one place and you can get whenever you need when you need it. This makes jobs like bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation very easy and simple to handle, as it is integrated with other financial software, like QuickBooks.

5. Square

This is an amazing app which allows you to complete all of your sales right on your mobile or tablet. It includes a free credit card reader that helps to do the transactions easily from mobile. After swiping the card, the transactions will be credited to your account within one or two day’s time, and there will be charge of 2.75% for each card swipe. If you have this app there is no need to create a merchant account. It also keeps the track of sales and inventory in real time.

6. SurePayroll

This is also an impressive app; that lets you do the payroll from anywhere. You can pay your employees salary on an hourly or contract basis. It also has many features to track working hours, deductions, incentives, bonuses, and any other payroll data. You can also use a paystub generator for online pay stubs for your company to create pay stub forms.

These apps will help you streamline all of your small business finance tasks so that you can ensure that your business succeeds.