By Funding Gates

Your office and stockroom aren’t the only things that get cluttered.  Your email inbox can become a mess if you’re not diligent about deleting and filing emails as they come in.  Opening your inbox to thousands of emails can be challenging.  That’s why it’s important to implement a system that automates the process so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

You can easily go from a full inbox to a highly efficient, organized inbox.  All you have to do is download the right application. Here are some of the best apps for doing just that.


This app analyzes the headers of your email without ever reading the content of your messages.  It works with your existing email tools to identify bundles of related mail so you never miss out on an important message.  You can use it daily, weekly or monthly to handle a large quantity of emails.  The service has a fee, but there is a free trial that you can sign up for to see if the service works for you.


Called the “First Aid for Your Inbox,” this app is meant for people on-the-go.  Rather than suffer the frustration of searching through weeks and months’ worth of emails, Triage cleans and organizes your inbox quickly so you can move onto other things.  New messages come into the app looking like a deck of cards.  Simply flick them up to archive them or flick them down to keep them in your inbox to be viewed later.  The price of the app from Southgate Labs is $4.99.

Boomerang for Gmail

This app can be accessed from an Android mobile device or through an extension in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  It gives you more control over when email is sent and received.  This allows you to schedule a time to browse incoming messages whenever it’s convenient for you.

This app takes messages out of your inbox until you’re ready to deal with them.  It also sends you updates when a person hasn’t responded to your email so you can follow-up with ease.  There are Free, Personal, and Professional versions to choose from.  If you send and receive a lot of email, it may be worth it to you to pay a monthly subscription fee to have this service.


Stop checking your email every five minutes.  With AwayFind, you receive SMS messages alerting you to the most important messages in your inbox.  The service has three plans to choose from-Personal, Professional, and Enterprise.  If you’re managing several accounts, this could very well save you up to two hours a day.

In addition to text messages, you will receive unlimited Chrome Desktop alerts, Calendar-Smart alerts, Gmail and Outlook plugins, and an Intelligent auto responder.  Plans start as low as $5 a month and work on both iOS and Android phones making the service convenient and affordable.

Swizzle the Inbox Organizer

This iOS app is free and easy-to-use.  It removes commercial mail from your inbox, leaving you with a lot less information to sift through.  You state which email subscriptions you want to unsubscribe from and Swizzle will take care of everything for you.  An app like this can save you time and money.  It also prevents you from buying things that you don’t need by eliminating the temptation brought by sales and discounts sent via email.

A clean inbox is far more important than you think.  It enables you to find the emails that you’re looking for quickly.  This saves you time and the frustration of sorting through your inbox when you have other, more important, tasks to complete.  The aforementioned list of apps can take the guesswork out of the process of cleaning and organizing your email accounts.

This article was originally published on Funding Gates. Funding Gates is the world’s first CRM platform for receivables management. Serving as an online credit department for small businesses, Funding Gates is set on making managing receivables the easiest part of running a business.