Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has remained one of the giant social media platforms with many users worldwide. A projection by Statista indicates that there are about 1 billion global app users, and the figure might hit around 1.2 billion in a few years.

Due to this large number of users, many people have realized that they can promote businesses and make money through their Instagram accounts. As a result, there has been a rising need for professional Instagram marketers. While some people explore the effect of paid likes, followers, views, and comments from social media marketplaces like FollowersId, others wish they could master some online marketing tips that can enable them to promote their IG account.

Consequently, many Instagram users without marketing experience have tried to boost their business pages without seeing good results. Of course, they are not professional marketers who know some tips and tricks that can promote their profiles in a short while. But what if there are easy tips non-professional marketers can explore to promote their accounts? Yes, some tips can quickly boost any social media account if adopted even by a non-professional marketer. Some of these promotion tips are discussed below.

Tip 1. Mix and Increase Content Production

Posting more frequently has proven to be one of many people’s best ways to promote their business or personal brand on Instagram. Unfortunately, one common mistake many people make is to post content intermittently on their page, hoping to attract more followers by doing so. The truth is that it doesn’t work that way. They forget that when Instagram users visit their pages and see no new content or relevant content, they quickly get drawn to other people’s IG page to get information or be entertained. To avoid this, they should post at least once per day.

There is also the need for those who wish to promote their Instagram account to mix what they post on their page, as this style brings more excitement to many viewers. This content might be short videos, memes, pictures, or text. This style will also help them figure out what performs better on their page.

Tip 2. There should be a Theme for the Instagram Feed

Many people post randomly on their accounts, making it difficult for IG users to identify with their content. This is not the way to promote an Insta page. People need to understand the power of narrowing their posts to a particular niche. Wikihow suggests that popular Instagram pages have a common theme. People visit each page for a specific reason, and when they encounter conflicting content now and then, it isn’t easy to understand what the account represents. There are many niches people can choose from. Sometimes choosing two niches that represent a particular theme can also work.

Tip 3. Cross-promote the Instagram Business Page

Do not think that promoting an Instagram account must be done on the Instagram platform alone. It doesn’t work that way. Online marketing is not limited to only Instagram, even if the account is registered on this particular platform. Hence, people should also consider multiple social media channels to make a post and link their Instagram username to the post. Some other popular social media networks where they can do this are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Tip 4. Using Email

Another way people can explore to promote their page is to include the Instagram handles in their marketing email. Whether via email or any other online means, the function of marketing is for people to drag their products, brand, and services to other people. Sending marketing emails with the IG handle attached at the footer of the mail will expose this handle to potential customers who can easily reach that Instagram account.

So, when people do this, there is usually a higher chance that more people will arrive at their social network account. Another way people promote their profiles through email is to announce competitions and giveaways to their customers through email marketing. They make this appear so that these giveaways or prices will be won on their Instagram page. Any customer who sees this most likely would wish to win prizes for themselves, and to do this, they are forced to visit your profile.

Tip 5. Promote on Websites

Many business owners have a website for their businesses, but they hardly promote their Instagram page on their websites. A website is a powerful marketing tool for anyone hoping to boost social media accounts fast. Depending on the ranking performance on search engines, websites can reach thousands or millions of people in a shorter time frame.

Many websites now come with social media icons either by plugin or hard-coded to utilize this method. This makes it easy for potential customers to reach out directly using social media handles on their websites. Significantly, many businesses depend on visuals, like real estate, interior decoration, photography, etc. Some of these products have a collection of Instagram feeds. To further promote an account, people also embed their product feed from Instagram such that when anyone clicks on the link, it takes the person directly to your page.

This method of promoting an Instagram page has gained traction and has become easier over the years because there are a lot of plugins that can help anyone do this.

Tip 6. Engage More with Followers

There is no better way to promote a business account on social media organically than engaging with more followers. The followers on any social media account are the backbone of that account, and they give relevance, social proof, and credibility to the profile. However, not many people know this; hence, it takes them days or even weeks to reach back to their followers.

If not for any other thing, the level of competition on the social media space makes it imperative for everyone who wishes to promote their IG page to engage with their followers consistently. Customers want to feel valued, and one of the ways this can be done is to reply to their comments and questions. Also, in doing this, do not make the mistake of just being reluctant or lazy with replies. Instead, always capitalize on the engagement to give them more.

Tip 7. Contribute to Relevant Online Communities

Joining some relevant online communities and making appropriate contributions can be a great way to make your Instagram page more visible. No niche doesn’t have a community that accepts new members. By joining any of these online communities and making contributions, many people have gained more followers on their social media pages. When a relevant contribution drops in a community, many people would like to identify with the person behind this contribution. This is where the marketing gets interesting. Professional online marketers do here to drop a link to their IG page for people to reach them.

American Express corroborated the above point when they wrote that people should actively contribute and build a rapport within the online community they found themselves in if they want to promote their business.

Tip 8. Ask Questions in Posts

Many people mistake posting content regularly on their page without trying to pose some relevant questions to their followers. Questions are a great way to seek customer feedback, and people who do this more often stand a better chance of retaining their customers and winning new ones.

People should post relevant questions that will attract helpful answers from followers on essential topics to get this right. Questions should not be controversial or too personal.

Tip 9. Use #hashtags

As far as Instagram marketing or promotion is concerned, one mistake people must avoid is the use of hashtags or lack of them in posts. Relevant hashtags usually accompany posts that go viral, and this can make an account reach more audience.

When we talk about Instagram hashtags, they can be in different categories, and each type is essential for any post. It serves as an arrowhead that drives any post.

Here are different hashtag categories people can use:

  • Industry-specific hashtags.
    These hashtags help an Instagram account reach people interested in the business the page offers. It’s one of the ways people build authority on their niche and connect with other influencers in the niche. Examples of this include #tech, #engineering.
  • Popular hashtags.
    Another interesting hashtag people can use the popular hashtags. These can go with popular events, trending topics, days of the week. Examples include #picsoftheday, #gameoftheweek.
  • Location-based hashtags.
    Location-based hashtags help people to build organic brand awareness in their location. In addition, it can help them get discovered pretty fast and on Google locations.

Another exciting thing about hashtags is using up to 30 hashtags in one post. However, this is not a must-do. What is important is using relevant hashtags that will promote your content.

Tip 10. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Another excellent way people can promote their accounts is to work with some Influencers. Many people may not be comfortable with this method as, in most cases, it requires a lot of money to promote an account. However, it might be a great path to toe when considering the long-term benefit.

Another way to do this is to follow the accounts of relevant Instagram influencers or celebrities, as some people may call it. Please get familiar with their brands, like, and always make relevant comments that will benefit other followers.

Tip 11. Use IGTV

IGTV, which stands for Instagram TV, is another way many people promote their page and market their services. This operates like a normal YouTube channel where people go through different channels to watch videos that interest them. There is no gainsaying the power of video marketing in the current digital market economy.

This method also gives one the leverage to upload videos from their Facebook or YouTube channel and show them on their IGTV within a short amount of time.

Tip 12. Utilize Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a fantastic feature that has helped many people host live question and answer sessions, online workshops, and value-packed courses. However, to get the best out of this method, people should be notified about what to expect, the day, time, and what they stand to benefit from the session if they join.

One great thing about this is that it allows the followers to ask questions and get answers instantly. This is because so many people do not have enough time to post questions and wait for hours for replies. So, one can use Live to win more loyal followers on Instagram.

Reasons People Promote their Instagram Account

There are many reasons people should promote their business or brand on Instagram, and some of them are discussed below.

  1. Exposure: A serious attempt to promote the profile must be made to experience a reasonable level of organic growth on Instagram or get exposure where one can compete with other established users.
  2. More effortless audience engagement: Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is one of the best for ease of engagement. With their IGTV and Live features, the platform makes it easy to engage with their audience easily. The people who can make proper use of these features will always benefit from the ease of engagement they bring.
  3. Reach: With over 1 billion active users, Instagram makes it possible for people to reach many audiences. And with the help of hashtags, people can now get a targeted audience for their businesses. So, when people expend resources to promote their page, they stand a chance of reaching millions of users.
  4. Customers: Businesses thrive on a customer base and not just any customer base, but a huge customer base. One of the most accessible places to build a vast customer base for their business is Instagram. The more customers one has, the higher the chances of making more money.


There is hardly any better place people grow their businesses than on Instagram. The platform accommodates small and large-scale enterprises and has turned many users into millionaires. But this is not an easy feat to achieve.

People who achieved this organic growth level worked very hard to promote their pages using some of the tips provided above. Although in recent years, reliable digital marketing companies have saved people the stress of having to work so hard to promote their Instagram accounts on their own. However, whichever way people choose to upgrade their IG account, doing it the right way matters.