Digital securities investments are quickly becoming the investment of choice. The volatility of these markets makes them highly attractive to day traders, but they are notoriously unpredictable and often speculative. Many experts recommend investing only a small portion of your portfolio in these trades are high-risk, high-reward ventures. As with other securities, remember that digital securities investments come with their own set of peculiarities and tricks that should be considered before transferring any funds for this type of investment.

Digital Security Investments Features

Cryptocurrencies are the newest investment vehicle on the market. Many of these digital securities have a full range of functionalities and characteristics that can be used as a form of payment or even as an alternative currency. Several digital currencies offer their users anonymity, making them particularly appealing to those who wish to conceal their identity when completing online transactions.

  1. The digital security market is highly volatile. Securities such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) fluctuate in price dramatically and can often be subject to sharp fluctuations within a day or even an hour. While this volatility makes them attractive to day traders, it also means that any investments may quickly lose value and become completely worthless overnight.
  2. Digital securities are often highly speculative. Because of the volatility of digital securities, the trades are often hazardous and may not be suitable for inexperienced investors. This means that one should invest only a tiny portion of their portfolio in these types of securities, as it is unlikely that they will make much profit.
  3. Any investment in digital securities should be considered high risk. These markets are very volatile, and they can quickly gain or lose massive value in a concise amount of time.  As such, investing in these markets may cause your funds to be lost overnight if the market suddenly contracts or you make a terrible investment decision.
  4. Digital security investments come with their peculiarities and tricks, and they require a different mindset and strategy than traditional stocks or other assets. These markets are very complicated, and only those who take the time to learn about them will profit from them. As such, you should never invest funds you cannot afford to lose in any type of digital security market.
  5. The digital securities market is not well regulated and, as such, may not be subject to the same rules and regulations other investment types fall under. For example, the SEC regulates traditional stocks, but they do not restrict digital securities. As such, your funds may be less protected than if you were investing in a conventional stock.
  6. Digital security investments come with their own set of risks that should be understood before investing any funds in these markets.

Pros and cons

There are certain benefits and drawbacks of digital securities investments.


  • Secure. Digital securities can give investors a means of accessing and storing information without having to use the traditional banking system and therefore offers complete security and privacy over the internet. Digital securities can be used to make payments without moving them from one form of currency to another, which is time-consuming and may lead to errors in transferring funds between currencies.  As such, digital securities investments offer a secure method of transmitting funds that do not require any type of money changing or contact with banks or third parties, making them more convenient than other similar forms of payment.
  • Secrecy. Because digital securities transactions often involve large amounts of money, they carry the element of confidentiality and anonymity. Because digital securities transactions only rely on the internet and not a bank or financial institution, they can be considered more private and anonymous than other types of transactions.
  • Superseding Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an increasingly popular form of payment online, but some say that Bitcoin is not truly anonymous. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology which means that all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, publicly available information. This means that anyone can see your bitcoin balance at any time. As such, Bitcoin offers the benefits of digital security investments without providing any true privacy or anonymity for its users.


  • Volatile Markets. Any investments in digital securities come with an inherent risk of loss. While the market is highly unpredictable, it does not fluctuate as much as traditional stock markets do.  As such, these investments are heavily burdened with risk, and you should never invest any funds that you cannot afford to lose in these markets.
  • Risks of Fraud. As digital security markets are still relatively new, they do not have many concrete regulations covering them yet. This means that anyone can open an exchange offering digital securities for sale or purchase, creating a potential for fraud or scams targeting inexperienced investors unfamiliar with the market.

Digital Security Investments Trick:

  1. Do your research. Investing in highly volatile securities is very risky, and you should only invest a small percentage of your portfolio in these types of assets.  However, this does not mean that digital securities should be avoided altogether.  Before investing in digital security, make sure to adequately research the market to avoid any potential scams or fraudulent exchanges.
  2. Consider a 401K or IRA instead. If you are interested in long-term investing and want to invest large amounts of money into an investment with low fees, then consider using a 401K or IRA instead of trading on volatile markets such as digital security markets. IRA’s and 401K’s allow you to invest large sums of money more quickly than digital security markets do, without having to worry about the high fees charged by many digital security exchanges.
  3. Consider a custodian. If you are interested in investing in digital securities but do not want the hassle of dealing with dubious exchanges, then consider finding a custodian such as Coinbase who allows you to use your bank account to invest directly in digital securities and trade with other investors on their platform.  Coinbase is an exchange that will enable you to take advantage of both worlds: the convenience and ease of using an online platform and the privacy and anonymity offered by a direct bank transfer.
  4. Use a broker. If you want to invest in digital securities and do not want to deal with the hassle and risk of trading on an exchange, investing with a broker such as TD Ameritrade is probably right for you.  TD Ameritrade allows you to invest directly into digital securities that are traded on their platform without having to worry about setting up your private trading account.  Instead, they handle payment and transaction duties for you.


Digital Security Investments are valuable investments that offer tangible benefits that traditional forms of investment do not. While digital securities do carry an element of risk like any investment, they can come with quite a few benefits as well. Digital securities offer the benefits of traditional financial markets with the convenience and ease of investing online.  Online investments also provide anonymity that is not true for conventional financial markets, making them highly attractive for those interested in preserving their privacy online.