By Ronald Robbins

With a tight rope around your month-to-month marketing funds, it comes to no surprise that many small business owners can be picky in regards to what they invest in to help grow their business.

However, when you invest in digital marketing, you’ll see that it can make a huge impression in your day-to-day business functions. When done correctly, online marketing won’t only increase leads, but it’ll teach you new things about your business and potential clientele that you never knew existed.

Take a look at these four digital marketing investments you should be making today.

1. Mobile Responsive Website Design

Did you know that nearly 51% of all people browsing the web are doing so from a mobile device? That means out of all the people landing on your website, about half of them are visiting from their phone while the other half is visiting via their desktop.

In the day and age where Google dominates the online world and people are browsing the Internet via their mobile devices, it comes to no surprise that you should consider investing in a mobile-friendly website. Take the website layout of Express Information Systems, a software and consulting company in San Antonio, for example. Their site creates a user-friendly experience which, in returns, increases click-through rates and gets you qualified leads.

2. Social Media

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool to grow an influence over your audience. Not only does it provide an opportunity for you to be placed in front of your audience literally, but you are given a chance to control your online reputations while keeping your audience engaged. Not only this, but each social media channel feeds into the others, allowing you to cross-promote various special offers and promotions.

A fantastic example of a company who does this is Kinetico Water Systems of San Antonio, Texas. Implementing their social media marketing plan via Facebook, they always ensure optimal exposure and continual engagement with their audience which, in return, gains them valuable leads down the road.

3. Email Marketing

Why should you invest in email marketing and a company newsletter? Both are incredibly powerful communication channels for you and your customers. Let me explain.

Momentum Physical Therapy of San Antonio sends out a newsletter during the first week of every month. From a communication and sales point of view, everyone who has signed up for their newsletter has either done business with them in the past or have put enough trust in their company to make them want to receive future updates. This turns those subscribers into a hot lead. With the hard part done and the confidence gained, Momentum Physical Therapy can now continue to sell their products and services to these subscribers over and over again.

Even if the subscribers don’t purchase from their company right away, they’re not discouraged, because with the Momentum Physical Therapy giving them friendly company reminders, updates, and specials, they’re keeping the business in the back of that person’s mind for the next time they need them!

4. SEO

When it comes to ranking on popular search engines like Google or Bing, you need to put your focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. It’ll gain you more targeted advertising, you’ll be shown in areas on the web where your potential customers can find you, and it often comes at a much more affordable rate than you would expect; especially when compared to traditional advertising opportunities.

Take The Parham Group, a national self-storage consulting company based in San Antonio, for example. By jumping on board with search engine optimization, they’ve effectively increased their website traffic with qualified leads by 175%, increased their click through rate by 87%, and are now ranking #1 for their competitive keywords.

At the end of the day, digital marketing makes for a fantastic return on investment and can make a significant difference in your day-to-day business operations. If implemented correctly, you can increase the number of leads and truly create a long-term growth spurt for your company like you’ve never seen before.

Are you investing in any digital marketing strategies to grow your business?