By Jen Dela Cruz

Your workspace is a reflection of your mind. If it is unorganized and has a lot of clutter, then maybe you multitask too much. While multitasking works for some, others may struggle with such and lead them to not completing tasks and worse, lose the drive start on anything at all.

But, you don’t have to worry because there are various ways to declutter your workspace that can bring back that spark for work.

1. Sort with Boxes and Containers

Never underestimate the wonders that boxes and containers can do for you. Putting the small things that you can’t seem to decide where to place in a box will instantly clean your workspace. You can even pick different colors and designs depending on your taste.

These boxes are very durable and efficient for storage. You can also put labels in these boxes to easily locate some of your items.

2. Use Proper Lighting

Natural light is the best light. If possible, set up your workspace near the window. If not, try to arrange the artificial lights around your workspace strategically. You can also purchase a desk lamp for more focused lighting.

Having proper lighting in your workspace will uplift your mood as well, as you get to see your desk things better and surely, you can work properly with extra motivation. A dim workspace might make you feel heavy and sleepy.

3. Clean Up Your Computer Desktop

If your computer desktop is disorganized, you need to delete those files that are for one-time use only. If you’re the type of person that saves everything on the desktop, then your screen might be jam-packed with icons. Make your screen desktop breathe.

If you can’t do away with many icons, just group them so that your eyes only go in one direction when looking for a specific icon. Also, make use of the sticky notes. Write there all the important reminders and other stuff that you don’t have to keep stored in your mind all the time.

4. Let Go of Unnecessary Stuff

Write down the things you use on a daily basis. If they’re not part of the list, you can remove them from your desk and put them inside your office cabinet or the boxes and containers mentioned earlier in this article instead.

Don’t feel bad that you’re purging some of your things. If you’re keeping it because of emotional value, then consider removing it from your office.

This activity of keeping and letting go of things will also help your decision making. The decision of letting go of the things that won’t help increase productivity should be removed from your workspace.

5. Get Comfortable with Your Office Chair

A lot of employees experience back pain just because of a bad office chair. Naturally, you’ll feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to focus on your work when all you’re thinking about is your back.

Invest in a good ergonomic chair that positions you correctly in front of your laptop and has rest areas for your arms and feet.

6. Put Up Inspirational Art

Print out and put your favorite quotes on your workspace wall. There are days that you just don’t feel like working, and these inspirational arts will surely remind you of your dreams and goals.

After reading this list, go ahead and start the makeover in your workspace. There’s no better day than today to change things up in your area so you can stay productive.