By SJ Kim

Smartphones and people are quickly becoming more and more inseparable, similar to peanut butter and Jelly. Maybe even like magnets. The average American spends over 2 hours a day on their smartphones. 80% of that time is being used on apps and the rest is separated between Internet browsing, texting, and phone calls. This is a lot of time considering we roughly spend around 6-10 hours sleeping and 6-10 hours working on average.

So with millions of people spending a considerable amount of time on apps, it becomes prevalent that an app of your own is a good idea. Actually, there are five big advantages to having a customized app fo
r your business.

1. Publicity and Brand Recognition

Having an app for your business is a big deal. It’s something that only BIG companies have. So having an app for an SMB (small and midsize business) makes a statement to the public that you truly do care for your customers. As a matter of fact, it’s bound to create a shake on your business overall.

With an app, customers can be buzzing and spreading your business through word of mouth. Customers have a bigger likelihood to mention your business to their friends rather than a competitor without an app.

2. Uniqueness

Leading off the topic of competitors, a mobile app can help your business stand out from your competitors. While competitors may sell similar items and products, they won’t be able to compete with you on the customer service level. Sure, they can have top employees, but it won’t mean diddly squat with an exponential advantage in technology.

Additionally, people are creatures of habit. With an elegantly designed mobile app, they are bound to flutter towards it and possibly use it frequently. With an elegantly looking app, it’s ready to redefine your business.

3. Personalization

Another advantageous situation you put yourself in with an app is personalization and customization. An app can be designed to serve in many different ways. From functioning as a rewards system to a sales/marketing feature with personalized marketing  to a customer service tool, it has the capabilities to increase your business presence overall.

One thing you don’t have to be worried about is not having free reign over your app development. At the beginning, an app starts off as a blank canvas. Then it gets painted into a work of art with your desired flare.

4. Marketing

If you transform your app into a functioning marketing tool, you’ll have a powerful software at your disposal. For example, if a customer downloads your company’s app, you can advertise anything and everything related to your company. Additionally, you’ll have the capabilities to send push notification to their smart phones, which notifies customers of anything urgent.

Essentially, an app can keep your customers in the loop and in connection at all times so they don’t forget about your business. It’s a very powerful tool to keep your customers in contact and coming back for more business with you.

5. Sales

If you give your app the ability to sell, then you have generated another outlet to sell your products, clear and simple. Having multiple platforms to sell your product is a big deal, certainly when it comes to selling through a digital platform.

Also, some people love shopping in privacy and the app delivers a way in doing so. They can explore and check out your inventory through the app and see if it’s a right product for them. Spending more time browsing also raises the chance to purchase more.

Customized apps create a way for your business to grow in a different way. It’s a highly recommended tool and businesses should take advantage of this platform.