By Kevin Ashwe

Free trials have become a standard in marketing today. Startups and established businesses use them, but all may struggle to convert reasonable percent of their free trials to paid customers. Today I will share with you everything I have learned in my years of helping marketers convert their free trial prospects to paid customers.

Our goal as marketers is not just to do marketing campaigns, but to build cognitive momentum or mental velocity. This means influencing the thinking and reasoning of the prospect by educating and inspiring the prospect to the point where he begins to decide to vitally experience the offer. This is important in the conversion process.

Some things go on in the mind of your prospect when they are your page and while experiencing your product during the free trial period. As a marketer it is your duty to make sure what is going on there is to your favor. If not you will be leaking good money.

It takes the first hand experience of the product to fully grasp the value of the product to finally remove the inherent resistance. So you need to ensure the prospect get the best of experience during the free trial. When they fall in love with the offer during the free trial they won’t mind paying to keep that experience. Try focusing on these principles.

Sustain Value

  • Emphasize value and sustain it. Let your value resonate in the mind of your customer.
  • Use images well to drive value strategically.
  • Deliver value throughout the process.
  • Create a clear call to action.

Leverage Urgency

  • Let them know what they will lose when they don’t upgrade.
  • Use the word ‘’get’’ regularly.

Anticipate Concerns

  • Don’t allow for anxiety.
  • Explain clearly at all times.

Layer Incentives

  • Add layers of value. Every step of the process emphasis the value of the product.
  • Give them more key reasons to upgrade. Emphasis the value, benefits and importance of upgrading.

Try a few of these quick tips to convert your freemium plan to premium:

  • It starts with creating and designing a great product. If you don’t have a really good product, a product with a wow effect then it will be a herculean task to have paid customers.
  • Over deliver your promise. This will further get them to experience the good in your product and crave for it.
  • Let them know exactly what to expect before the free trial signup. Don’t leave them in the dark in any area.
  • Have a clear value proposition. Your value proposition is your marketing anchor. Take time to create a unique one. Let the prospects buy your value proposition before the product itself.
  • Have a dedicated customer support. Don’t leave them figuring things out for themselves. Be there to put them through and that on time. When they see you are committed to them enjoying the product even when its free they will want to stick around.
  • Easy to use and navigate website. Ensure your web pages are well arranged and designed and a proper navigation around the website. If they are stressing themselves to get things done they won’t want to commit their money.
  • Easy payment process. They shouldn’t work too hard to pay. Make the process easy, quick and short. Incorporate multiple payment options.
  • Enough time to experience the product. The purpose of the free trial id for them to have a vital experience with the product so ensure the trial time is lengthy enough for that.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Do this at the right time. At the time you know they are beginning to be really interested in the product.
  • The product value should trump the price. The price should not be more than the product. Don’t just talk about the features of the product spend time to talk about the value for the customer.
  • Use great copywriting around the product website. Use words well and powerfully.
  • Tempt inactive users with great offers. Yes, this really works.
  • Offer a trial extension. This would help some experience the product more and get themselves ready to pay.
  • Offer discounts. Everyone likes discount.
  • Keep them engaged — keep in touch. Mail them and find out how they are doing with the product during the free trial.

As you apply these tips be willing to test and make adjustments as needed. Study your free trial customers and make adjustments necessary to help you increase conversion.