By Eamonn Freeman

Every year, businesses lose thousands of hours worth of productivity owing to employees taking sick leave. In almost all cases, this absence is genuine, but it’s likely that a lot of these originated from the workplace itself. Muscular pains and back injuries can be very easy to pick up on the job, while some working environments come with a higher risk of asthmatic illnesses, noise problems or dermatitis. Some jobs, by their nature, will carry a greater risk of picking up certain illnesses and injuries.

When certain risks come with the territory, the onus is on management and staff to do all they can to minimize the possibility of an accident occurring. Managers should provide all necessary health and safety training for their employees, along with all the requisite safety equipment, while employees have a responsibility to themselves and to their colleagues to work with safety as their overarching priority. Also, where potential health or safety risks are identified, these should be immediately reported to management and duly acted upon.

Common workplace illnesses and how to minimise their risk

This infographic from Easy Life Cover examines a few of the most common workplace illnesses, pinpoints which occupations pose the highest risk of these occurring and recommends actions on how these health problems can be minimized.

Photo credit: Tired, overworked employee from Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock