By Lori Wade

Content marketing impact is hard to overestimate. It draws traffic, it makes your brand known and promotes your product. These are the reasons why so many business owners opt to hire more content marketing staff.  They do it aiming to improve the quality of marketing and the effect it has on potential clients.

However, not all content has such positive impact on one’s business promotion. Poor content can ruin your image. It can also make you look dull compared to your competitors who create quality content.

Considering the significance of quality content for the company’s success, one needs the best guides and recommendations about what you can post on the business blog. So, check our tips for writing great content and make sure you apply them when writing a business blog.   

1. Research

Everything starts with a deep analysis of the issue. You cannot tell your readers how to do something unless you are an expert in this area. So, be ready to spend time exploring this field yourself. Make sure to make a list of references if needed. They should be trusted sources you can give your readers a link to. However, never send them to the websites of your competitors, only to the companies from the neighboring niche, in order not to lose your clients.

2. State the Problem

Now, as you know everything about this issue, explain what the problem is to the users. They need to see the bigger picture.  So, using the standard structure (an introduction, main body, and a conclusion), introduce them to the central concept of your text and let them realize what this piece will revolve around.

3. Develop Solutions

Once the issue is clear, proceed to the main body.  In it, you should focus on showing how one can organize certain processes as well as what steps they should take to achieve a particular goal. Such solutions should be clear and easy to apply. Otherwise, all the fluff will be skipped as users mostly have no time to read your reflections.

4. Keep It Short

Keep your sentences short. Let there only be up to ten words in a sentence. Besides, keep your paragraphs short. Specialists say that people tend to read shorter parts and skip the huge chunks of text. And no wonder considering that short ones are easier to comprehend.

Thus, by removing all the “water” from your texts, you ensure that a whole piece will be read and discussed. They also say that the most important information should be in bold and in a separate paragraph. For the benefit of your company’s blog success, utilize these ideas and enjoy the great results.

5. Provide Numbers and Interesting Facts

People like numbers. In fact, titles with numbers in them are more likely to catch attention than those without. Conduct a research or a poll and demonstrate the results. Alternatively, you can use the surveys carried out by other trusted sources. There are many resources you can find such results on. Think of what will work better for you and add numbers to your blog to increase its effectiveness.

6. Revise Your Writing

You are using this blog to promote your product and strengthen your brand. However, how would you trust a brand with a blog which has silly grammatical errors in the articles? We believe, you would not trust their expertise too much.

Because of this, we highly recommend you revising your texts. You can use technological solutions like Grammarly or Hemingway to check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and general flow of the text. On the other hand, you can seek professional help or revise it yourself. Writing is only half of the job. Every article should be reviewed properly too.

7. Add Visuals and Lists

In the era of Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr, people tend to expect high-quality visuals added to what they read. Pictures can create a certain atmosphere or underline some points of the text. When selected correctly, they can also heat up a discussion.

Meanwhile, make sure you also add lists to your article. Beware that lists are often associated with simplicity and clear understanding of the subject. Therefore, adding them is a very good idea. It’s like getting valuable information in a simple form.

If you apply all these keys to your writing, you are destined to craft an outstanding piece. Just one more suggestion from our team: begin your article with a catchy title to increase its effect in the long run. Users have limited time, so they will only read texts which promise to be exciting and useful.