By Sara Beth Jones

Creating a good company culture doesn’t happen over night. It takes time, but when done right, it can make a huge impact on your business and its success. A happy employee is more likely to do awesome work if they actually enjoy where they work. Here are some things you can implement at your company that will help you build that great company culture everyone desires.


Before you even start to work on your company culture, know what it is. You need to identify what your company’s essence is. Is it creative? Is it innovative? Figure out the key attributes and build your company culture around that. Also look at your previous company cultures. Was there a company you worked for that did an amazing job at creating a work community, or was there one that made you dread coming into the office? Look at their successes and failures and build around that.


Make your top leaders available. They should represent what your company culture is or what it wants to be. They are the faces of your business and should be connected with the lower tier employees as well.

Team Building

If you’re a big company with different departments, a lot of your employees may not know one another. Have fun team building events where employees can mingle. Plus, by working together with people from a different department from their own, it could promote more collaboration and lead to ideas that could benefit your company’s future.

Fun Stuff

Companies like Google, Facebook and BuzzFeed stand out for the fun things they include in their company culture. One big mistake a lot of companies make is only focusing on the fun stuff. Company culture is much more than that. Don’t fret, you can still include some of these things, as you should, just don’t spend all your time on that. Remember, you’re a company that has business goals. Your employees should know that.


Like any relationship, communication is important. Everyone should be on the same page. Be transparent with your employees. Let them know what’s happening and promote open communication. You can do this with in-person meeting or a listserv or a internal communication tool like Slack. Ask your employees what they like, what they don’t like and what they think can be improved upon. They may have a different vision for your company culture. They’re your backbone, so don’t ignore their ideas.

Include Family

A lot of people spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their family. Sad, but true. So include your employees’ family. Have an event where they can join in and meet the people their family member spends time with. Maybe that’s a cookout or maybe it’s at a sporting event. You choose.

Start with Step 1 and go from there. Remember, don’t implement changes just because. Implement them with a plan in mind and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good company culture.