By Princess Jones

The idea that you need a blog for your business website isn’t a new one. The benefits speak for themselves: increased SEO leverage, an unedited place to announce important news or explain company policy, a way to establish your business as an expert in your industry, etc. Even if you only update it once every two weeks, a company blog is an important tool that brings in a decent return on a small investment.

So you already know that you need a business blog, but finding topics to write about can be challenging. You can rely on these sources of blog topic inspiration when the creativity well runs dry.


Do you have a new product? Are you changing your policy on a certain service or changing locations? Announce it on your business blog and don’t forget to explain the reasons you came to those decisions. Go through your decision process thoroughly. Explain how this will help you to serve them better. Be sure to connect it back to benefit your customers will receive.


Everybody loves a good origin story. What’s yours? Tell your customers and clients about it on your company blog. Be sure to include the motivation behind your journey. It will personalize your business to your visitors and draw them into your story. Bonus points for you if you do a video blog where visitors can watch you tell the story directly to them and connect with you visually.

Mistakes You’ve Made

Have you screwed the pooch? Committed a snafu? Did you make a promise you couldn’t keep? Your blog is the perfect place to talk about it. You get to explain how it happened, what you’re doing to fix it and how you’ll prevent it in the future. Admitting to mistakes can humanize your brand and give customers a reason to trust you.

Employee Spotlight

Even if your company is just you, your husband and your dog, your customers want to know about that. Dedicate a blog post to talking about how your team came together and what they bring to the table. Be sure to include photos. Don’t forget to add your dog’s superior ball chasing skills!

Community Outreach

Does your business participate in community programs or charity events? Your clients absolutely want to know about that. Spice up a post about an event with pictures and video from that day. Actually, you can get two posts out of this one because you can write about it as an upcoming event, inviting readers to join you and you can do a wrap-up of it afterwards.

Solve a Problem

There’s nothing more attractive to readers than something that helps them solve a problem. Use your company’s expertise to reel them in. For example, if you’re a catering company, you might publish tips on how to maximize space in small venues or roundups of the best cocktails for spring weddings. And once you’ve got them to your website, use the right call to action to convert them into customers.

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