By Nabeena Mali

Congratulations, your first mobile app is live and available on the iTunes and Google App Store. It is innovative and works flawlessly on all kind of mobile devices. As an app publisher, you believe in your app’s functionalities and can’t wait for your target audience to discover it. But unfortunately, you amazing mobile app has lost amongst other applications available in the app marketplace, drawing possible users away from you.

Nowadays, every business is launching its own mobile apps in order to target a large number of audience. With more than 2 million applications available online, making a mobile app discovered is one of the biggest problems facing business owners today. If you are going to come up with a mobile app or have already launched the one, it’s necessary to understand the power of ASO (app store optimization) which is avoided by most people.

What is ASO?

App store optimization is the complete process of optimizing your mobile app to rank higher in the search results. This process requires a great understanding of your target users, keywords, and potential audience. It works as an SEO, but the goal of ASO is not just to get genuine traffic but to get a large number of successful downloads. In this post, you will find the most effective tips to optimize your mobile app.

Use Keywords

Whether you’re are going to build a mobile app or you have already launched the one, having a well-researched list of target keywords is crucial. You must find out the actual keywords that your audience are searching for. Most people prefer using Google Adwords Keyword Planner that can help you find the search volume and competition for the particular keywords. Keyword research may also help you come up with the right title and description of your upcoming mobile app.

Include Your Title or App Name

App title is the most significant element of app store optimization (ASO). You need to consider several crucial things while finalizing the app name:

  • Make it short – A short title (max. 25 characters) is one that people can easily read on a single screen. Lengthy titles might get cut off and make it unable to read.
  • Make it unique – Being an app publisher, you do not want your mobile app to get lost in the highly-competitive app marketplace. Innovation is something that will make your application stand out from the crowd. Make sure your upcoming mobile app is creative.

App store allows you to update your app title and keywords with the time. But, it has some downsides, too. As your mobile app starts to be discovered, and more users start noticing your app, updating your title might give them a hard time searching you. However, you must spend some time finding the right keywords and understanding what your mobile application is all about. You can also start with a few titles, and once you find a remarkable boost in traffic and downloads, then stick to them.

Refine Your App description

You must use target keywords in your app description but do not stuff. Research reveals that repetitive and inappropriate use of keywords in the title or description can give an unpleasant user experience that might result in an app suspension. A description is one of the most important part where you can add the best keywords which are related to your app’s purpose. Remember that users are human, and the foremost reason why they’re reading your description is as they want to assure that you’re providing exactly what they’re looking for.

Design an Icon

The app icon is another most important consideration that must be taken into account. Here are some of the best practices of creating an app icon. The icon is an identifier of your mobile app, and it must be a graphical representation of your concept or services. Avoid putting too much elements in your app icon. You can use some soft colors in the background as your primary motive is to highlight the main element. Moreover, avoid including texts in the icon. Google play store and iTunes have specified standards for the size, color scheme, and geometry of app icons. Make sure your icon is designed according to their guidelines.

Upload Screenshots

Screenshots also play a major role in app store optimization. They are used to showcase what your mobile app is all about – the real experience. With screenshots, you can provide your potential users with a sneak peek that will ultimately help them better understand your mobile app. If it’s a gaming app, then you must choose the most exciting part of your game. iTunes allows you to add up to five screenshots. On the other hand, Google plays store lets you add up to eight screenshots that will display in the gallery on page load. Make sure these screenshots are compelling enough to convince the users to download your app.

Conduct Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis will help you come up with something better. Don’t forget to review your competitors’ titles, icons, keywords, descriptions, and screenshots. You don’t need to copy them; the research is required to make proper marketing strategies. One of the best things that you can do is to read users reviews or feedbacks carefully. And, try to resolve their problems in your mobile app.

Boost Traffic with Outside Promotion

At the end of the day, you realize that page optimization is just one part of mobile app marketing. And, you are not supposed to be depended only on the ASO. In order to boost traffic and downloads, it is necessary to build a strong online presence around your app with social media and other outside promotion tools. Moreover, you can use app indexing which is known as the most powerful strategy helps you drive traffic to the product page of your app. Basically, it is the process of making iOS and Android app content linkable and searchable from the web or mobile search. Users who find you listed in a search result may click on the link and direct to the product page.

If you have understood the science behind app store optimization and these tips mentioned above; you’re well on your way to an effective ASO strategy. With proper marketing, right strategies and a little trial, you’ll soon able to boost the ranking of your app.