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About Small Business Bonfire

Small Business Bonfire is meant to be a field guide for budding entrepreneurs. Through AJ’s insights and experiences, readers will learn about the best practices for navigating the challenging world of small business. 

We believe in providing industry-leading advice, helpful resources, and top-notch guides.

Most of what you read on SBB is meant to be actionable, down, and dirty. No overpromised, overhyped crap here!

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    AJ – SBB Founder:

    After spending the last four years starting, scaling, and exiting a digital agency in Minneapolis, MN, AJ acquired Small Business Bonfire. 

    AJ created everything you find throughout the site (free resources, kick-ass articles, and courses) from his personal business experience. 

    To learn more, read AJ’s story on his author page. 

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      We want to help 1,000 entrepreneurs start, and scale their business to over a million dollars in EBITDA.


      We want to grow Small Business Bonfire to a million monthly visitors realizing our mission in the process.

      Our Core Values


      We strive to provide the highest quality content possible.


      We are committed to providing honest and reliable advice.


      Our content is available for everyone, regardless of background or experience.


      We value diversity and believe all voices deserve to be heard.


      We take ownership of our actions and accept responsibility for every decision we make.