Maybe at first, it seemed impossible to host events online. However, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic opened many eyes to the possibility of organizing remote events. Since 2020, there has been an increase in the number of meetings and activities that take place online, and it’s often preferred by many over physical events. This makes most people concerned about how to properly plan and organize an online event. 

So, if you’re thinking about how you can host a successful virtual team building event, here are a few ways you could go about it: 

1) Find A Reliable Virtual Event Platform 

This is the first thing you should be able to resolve. Find a trustworthy platform that will enable you to accomplish your event goals, just as you would choose the most comfortable location for your physical meetings.  

You need to encourage team bonding among your members, so the platform you choose should have a user-friendly interface that offers virtual corporate entertainment. It would ensure that the attendees at your events could interact freely in real time. 

2) Set A Timeline In Place For Your Event  

One significant advantage of virtual events is that there are fewer logistics to take care of in comparison to physical events. You should therefore make the best use of the little time you have dedicated to planning. Pick a suitable date for the event. By the time you start planning, the event should be at least two weeks away. If possible, list the things you need to do on a spreadsheet so you don’t leave anything out.  

As the days pass, ensure to cross everything off your to-do list before the big day. If you have team members in other countries with different time zones, you should consider a time that works for everyone. Remember that you’re organizing a team-building event so you would want all your team members to be present. Always make sure that no one is forgotten, so you must often double-check your guest list before the event. 

3) Plan Interesting Activities 

Because this is a virtual team-building event, you have to put extra effort into making it fun no matter how far apart the participants are from one another. Think of fun and challenging activities that will keep your work team engaged and not distracted. The activities should involve collaborations and communications among team members to encourage bonding and identify their strengths. It’s possible to achieve this online if you pick the suitable activities that can carry everyone along.  

However, even as you engage in exciting activities, ensure that the structure isn’t left out. There’s always a chance of things getting rowdy and clumsy, even online. Balancing fun and structure would help your virtual team-building event become very interesting and organized. 

4) Create A Budget 

Your virtual meeting may need some funds, just like physical events do, because there are costs involved. But oftentimes, virtual meetings cost less than physical ones. It is important to create a budget that your virtual team building events may require. For example, are you planning to give prizes to those who will participate in your games or other activities? How much would this cost you?  

Some of the rewards you can give virtually include discount coupon codes, free vouchers, etc. You might have to pay for the virtual platform hosting your team-building event to access some extra activities. All of these have to be catered for in your budget. 

5) Ensure Everyone Is Equipped With What They Need  

In cases where the activities might require particular types of equipment from the participants, it is necessary to ensure they all have it so that no one is left out. These needs might include a strong internet connection, a webcam, a USB microphone, etc.  

Inform them ahead of these requirements and probably make necessary arrangements or provisions for those who don’t have them. 

6) Set Goals For The Event 

Before planning a virtual event, you must set goals in order to measure its success. What do you aim to achieve with this event? There are numerous reasons, including wanting your team members to have some fun. If your team members have been working all year round and you want them to enjoy themselves while at home, you could create an event for this purpose.  

Another objective might be to strengthen their communication for fostering teamwork or to build relationships and rapport by helping them get familiar with each other. It can also be a way to boost their morale or reward their hard work. Whatever purpose you have in mind is beneficial. Setting these goals would also help you select activities that allow you to achieve them. 

7) Carry Your Team Members Along  

You should remember that this virtual team building event you want to organize is for the whole team, and just doesn’t apply to you or any particular team member. Absolutely everyone has to be aware and carried along with the plans and activities.  

Meet with each of them and find out what they want to do and what activity they would love to participate in. Ensure to incorporate each of the team member`s choice so that no one feels left out. Spur their interest in the event and make them anticipate it. 

8) Make It Interactive  

There is no way you can achieve a successful team building event without making it interactive. They should be able to actively participate in this, even though it’s done virtually. Keep your members excited and engaged by making it cooperative. Employ their ideas, have some competitions, and keep their hearts longing for the next activity on the schedule.  

You should also not make it too long and tiring so that their focus wouldn’t diminish. It’s important to have a duration in place and make them aware of it. Ask them how they liked each activity and which one they enjoyed the most. 


By putting all these in place, you can be sure to host a successful virtual team building event. You could send out follow-up emails or feedback forms after the event. Don’t forget to always plan accordingly and use the best virtual platform you can find. Set goals and work towards them by selecting the appropriate activities. Keep it interactive and engaging.