As the weather gets warmer, it can be hard for employees to concrete. Plus, with COVID-19 and other everyday distractions, sometimes workers lose motivation. As a manager, you can help to inspire your team. So, try out some of these tips to encourage productivity in your office.

1. Increase Efficiency

Start by determining how efficient your business is. For example, do you have multiple meetings a day? Break these up throughout the week or send email updates instead. This allows employees to have more time to complete significant assignments. Also, create a list of the company’s short-term and long-term goals.

Then see how you can improve the process to achieve these. Suppose you want to generate more leads. You could assign an employee to focus their time on cold calls and email marketing. Also, encourage your employees to create to-do lists and prioritize projects based on deadlines and company goals. 

2. Make Sure to Delegate

Delegation is essential to ensure projects get done. As a boss, you have many responsibilities, and you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Delegating assignments to trusted employees gets the project done quicker and increases sales. It also allows the worker to gain new skills and leadership experience. This sense of achievement motivates them to work harder and be more productive.

Here are a few tips for proper delegation:

  • Choose a qualified employee.
  • Explain to them why you’re delegating the task.
  • Give them the right instructions and provide resources.
  • Check their work and give them feedback.
  • Say thank you.

3. Reduce Distractions

With today’s technology, phones can easily distract employees. So, encourage your team to turn off phones during work hours. Then remind them they can check their messages during their breaks. Set the example by having your phone off your desk during the day.

Another idea is having happy hours or other team events to allow co-workers to get together. That way, they can spend less time chatting at the office. You can also have closed-door areas in the back of the office. Employees can use these to complete projects that need more focus. 

4. Provide the Proper Office Supplies

Provide them with all the necessary equipment to help your employees stay on track. You don’t want them wasting time waiting for a slow printer. So, add some high-quality computers and monitors. You might even want to buy standing desks. These prevent back pain and give employees a chance to stretch.

In addition, invest in anti-virus software to prevent slowing down essential work programs. Also, invest in an all-in-one printer that can fax, scan and copy. These devices save you time and increase efficiency.

5. Have a Good Work Environment

You want to make sure the office conditions are ideal for maximum productivity. So, keep the building at a comfortable temperature. Being too hot or cold could distract employees. Also, add fans during the hotter summer months. Have your heating and air conditioning system serviced to ensure it’s working correctly. Plus, have the air filters replaced every month to prevent dust build-up and poor indoor air quality.

In addition, consider the interior design. Incorporate plenty of bright lighting, comfortable seating and plants. Along with the physical space, ensure your employees are happy. Being under stressful conditions can lower their performance. So, show your team you value them by offering respect and appreciation for all their hard work.

Offer your senior employees support by supplying links to resources, such as Area Agencies on Aging. This organization helps adults age in place by providing access to meal delivery, transportation options and counseling.

6. Set Goals and Offer Your Team Support

Having goals and clear expectations can help your employees stay on track. You want to provide comprehensible directions so co-workers understand company expectations. With straightforward tasks, employees can stay focused and produce higher-quality work. Have quarterly meetings discussing team goals and the progress the organization has made.

You can also utilize technology and use project management software to organize responsibilities. Platforms like ProofHub, encourage collaboration and streamlines the delegation process.

7. Give Credit to Employees Doing Well

Let your employees know when they’re doing a good job. This can motivate them to work even harder, and it just feels good to hear. Plus, it can increase their loyalty to your company, which encourages better productivity. Along with positive feedback, offer rewards. For example, give out extra cash, gift cards to your favorite businesses, free vouchers or more paid time off.

These incentives motivate employees to perform more efficiently. and show you value your team. Remember that you want to balance this praise with constructive feedback. Kindly tell employees where they can improve to motivate them to continue growing.

8. Give Team Members Chances For Leadership Opportunities

Having your staff understand the importance of ownership can increase their productivity. So, hold them accountable for their work and allow them to make decisions independently. That way they will start to weigh their decision based on how it will impact the company. This will then increase productivity.

So, give team members chances to lead projects or handle certain aspects of a task.  When you do this, it also increases your employee’s self-esteem and shows you trust your staff.

How to Increase Productivity

Productivity is essential in running a successful business. However, sometimes it takes a little push for a manager to motivate co-workers. So, follow these steps to increase your company’s efficiency.