Digital marketing is no more a luxury; it is the need of the hour. As we have seen in the year 2020, digital marketing has been a necessity and sought-after service. This is bound to continue in the coming years for businesses. There is no room for marketers to make errors. Knowing what not to do is as imperative as knowing what to do. Here are seven digital marketing mistakes that you should avoid in 2021.

1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

The most basic rule for having successful digital marketing is to know your target audience and their personas in and out. While marketing your products or services, it is essential to know your audience, persona, needs, and likes. Your marketing strategy and goals need to be in line with who your audience is.

Also, 2020 has been a very tough year, which has impacted everyone. This means your target audience has also changed. Take into consideration all the changes that your target audience may have had. For instance, you should always know which of your audience’s problems are you solving, and along with that, you also need to know what new problems they are facing as well as ways to solve them.

Not having a set goal is a mistake, and wishing to have a good result in the initial days is a blunder. Digital marketing is not magic; it is just an effective tool, and it needs time to give you positive results. Perseverance and strategy is the key here!

2. Not Having a Blog

One cannot deny the fact that content is the king of marketing. But often, people tend to overlook this fact and the importance of text marketing. Even in modern content marketing, text marketing has the ability to deliver exceptional results.

But do not post blogs just for the sake of attracting traffic. You need to have a detailed content marketing strategy to have positive results.

  • Knowing your buyers’ personality
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Final context of every blog and articles
  • Proof-reading and validation of the final draft from the campaign manager
  • Snippet sharing with your audience
  • Personalizing the content
  • Sharing the link on different social media platforms
  • Inclusion of quotes, facts, and graphic content to lift content promotions

These pointers will give you a distinct idea of strategizing content promotion for your marketing campaigns.

3. Ignoring the Competition

While your focus is on creating content that is different from your competitors, do not completely ignore what your competitors are doing. Keep your eyes open. You need to make your customers aware of how you are different and better than your competitors. To do so, you need to have a SWOT Analysis of yourself with each major competitor.  With the help of SWOT Analysis, you will know where your business stands and know your competitors’ brand value as well.

Remember: There is a lot to learn from your competitors. For instance, you can see what their social media actions are, how they are dealing with the changing times, how they are responding to their customers’ comments and queries, and many such minute details. 

4. Not Calling Customers Back to Action

Next on our list of digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2021 is not bringing your customers back to your site. ‘Call back to action’ is as important as ‘call to action.’ Call to action refers to having a desired action from the audience for example, buying a product/service. Whereas, Call Back to Action refers to a nudge to complete the buying process.

Call back to action occurs when the client has almost made a purchase, but they have left an empty shopping cart unfulfilled. You can send an email reminding them that you are waiting for them. Bringing customers back to the scene will pull the triggers, and they will make the purchase.    Following up directly impacts sales. With a regular follow-up, your sales are most likely to increase.

5. Ignoring the Advantages of Motion Graphic Content

Videos tend to attract the attention of more readers as compared to written content. Thus, as marketers, you should focus on creating videos and include them in your content marketing strategy. But you need to consider various parameters – for example, the length of the video, creativity, etc.

The length of the video should be around 60 seconds. Some social media platforms like Twitter allow you to post videos of length more than 60 seconds. But you need to know what type of videos your audience prefer.

Creativity is another important parameter. The best way is to mix up the parameters and create different types of content rather than sticking to one type of content. You can create animated videos, explainer videos, funny videos, and many other varieties. One of the best platforms to post videos is YouTube.

6. Not Paying Attention to Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… and the list goes on and on. Nowadays, our day doesn’t end without us scrolling through our social media feeds. Thus, in a world where almost, everyone is active on various social media platforms, you cannot ignore the digital revolution. You may dive deep into your competitor’s website, but that is not enough.

You also need to have a regular check on all their social media accounts. It tends to be one of the robust channels to promote the brand and its products. Some of the important strategies that you can use are:

  • Creating a content calendar for social media
  • Giving a personalized touch to your social media conversations
  • Having transparency with customers
  •  Using gamification for higher engagement

7. Lacking Creativity

Simply producing relatable and unique content is not enough. You need to be sure that your content is attention-grabbing. Unless your content is able to get the attention of your audience, it is useless. Marketers are doing everything to attract the audience’s attention. There is already a lot of noise/clutter on social media, making it difficult for small marketers to make their voices heard.

No matter how unique, relevant, engaging, and informative content you create, your voice might remain unheard. However, creating out-of-the-box content can surely help you. Using infographic content, charts, attractive banners, and other forms of visual content, will make your content seem intuitive and appealing.. Just make sure your target audience identifies you as a brand that creates amazing content.

In a nutshell, I would say the year 2021 is going to be a lot different in terms of digital marketing. Thus, you need to avoid these 7 digital marketing mistakes in 2021 to have your top digital marketing game ON. It is very crucial to adapt to the changes in the market.