You are probably here because you have already heard the buzz about Black Friday sales in 2021. If you are a shopaholic then forget everything else, this is your true festival. Top fashionable brands at such pocket-friendly prices that you will just not have enough of it!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday that falls after Thanksgiving day. During this period, all the stores offer massive discounts. It is a holiday season everyone is super excited and looking to shop, what better audience for the stores?! Black Friday has annually been one of the busiest shopping days throughout the US and this year, it’s bigger and better!

No matter where you stay, you can avail the benefits of the Black Friday Sale! So don’t miss out on the best discounts of the year. Here are the top 6 Shopify apps for black Friday that allow you to shop from the best deals!

1.    ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is the first app on the list that allows you to find great discounts during the Black Friday period. The best thing is that it provides you with date news about sales and discounts nearby your area. You can also use this app in particular stores near you and check the sales within the shop by using the barcode scanning feature of this app. So ShopSavvy is great for you to come to know about upcoming sales in any area of your choice and also to know the discounts in the shops near you.

2.    Rakuten

Here’s another deal maker! Similar to ShopSavvy, this app provides real-time news and shopping discounts. It provides location-specific notifications according to your area and sends in personalized offers for your favorite brands and shops. One of the best black Friday SMS campaigns so far that will keep you in touch with all the latest offers. It also gives you special coupons to avail jaw breaking discounts and shop for your favorite things. Using the strategy of IP Warming, keep your text updates light and regular.

3.    Flipp

Flipp is the dream of any person on a shopping spree. It comes in a handy mobile app that is so user friendly, not even a grandma would need a tutorial. All you need to do is input your location and then it sends you coupons and discount deals in your area. You can also change your location to other localities to find deals in other locations if you are willing to travel. Flipp is like a digital network for advertisements. It takes over the olden Era of newspaper advertising and flyer distribution. You get all your special deals and discounts right in your pocket now!

4.    The Coupon’s App

This app has a huge network of over 100,000 shops to send discounted deal notifications for you! Similar to all the above apps, it gives in location-specific deals to you but in addition to that, it provides discounts, promo codes and coupons for the latest deals. If you are generally forgetful and clumsy then this is a pick for you because its life-saving feature sends in reminders before the coupons expire. With The Coupon’s App, you are not missing out on any of your favourites!

5.    Price Cruncher

The perfect partner in crime for the perfect shopper. Well, all other apps can give you plenty of discounts, but how to decide which one to pick? This app provides an awesome feature that allows you to calculate the deals that you get from other apps! It has a per-unit price calculator wherein you can compare two or more deals and then find out the best one. Stop wasting your time, the best is out there and Price Cruncher will help you find it.

6.    Santa’s Bag

And finally, something that we all need. All the excessive shoppers and ‘I didn’t realize when I shopped this much!’ i need this Santa’s Bag app right now. Santa’s bag stops you from creating a whole Santa’s bag while you shop for yourself. That’s right, it is an app to keep your shopping in control. Santa’s bag allows you to keep capping limits on every gift and to set a particular budget. It also reminds you when you are closer to hitting the same and then keeps you in check!

Final words

Apart from these, you can also install various store-specific apps that will get you discounted deals on those particular shops or even buy now pay later apps. The only thing is that you need to download multiple apps that might take a lot of space. All the above apps are like a one-stop destination for finding the best deals.

So what are you waiting for? You have your shopping list, you have the best apps and you have Black Friday! It’s time to go shopping!